Baruto Anime Special Announced – Everything you need to know

Baruto anime special announced, everything you need to know!

Baruto anime special

Last week we got news that Baruto’s time slot is going to change again. Tv Tokyo has planned to change it from Thursday to Sunday. Starting from October month. But before that happens we got another announcement from Tv Tokyo that they are going to release a Baruto anime special in this month.

What is Baruto Anime Special?

So, what is this Baruto anime special or what’s special going to happen in this? Their is not any specific spoiler came out until yet. But we got information that Baruto’s episode 74 and 75 will be release on same day.

Baruto Anime Special Release Date.

Currently Baruto episode 72 is going to air this Thursday. So there is still a bit time for Baruto Anime Special release.

Baruto Anime special or episode 74 and 75 is going to release on Thursday, September 20. And if you are a fan of Baruto series then this is something you shouldn’t miss out.

We already know that Mitsuki arc is going to begin from this week. And according to sources this arc will contain 5 or more episodes.

As we saw in Baruto episode 72 preview, Mitsuki put off his headband after he gets a mysterious letter on his room. Now Baruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha trying to find him so they can brought back in their team again.

So, it’s going to be very exciting in upcoming few episodes that what’s in that mysterious letter? Is Orchimaru behind this or what his purpose? How Baruto and Sarada will bring back Mitsuki?

Where you can watch Baruto: Naruto’s Next Generation Episodes, 

Baruto anime special

You can watch online Baruto episodes officially on Funanimation and Crunchyroll or just google it many sites will show up. But it is requested to support official release.

Let me know your thoughts and theories on about what is going to happen in Baruto Anime Special in the comments!

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