Baruto Episode 72 Mistuki’s Will

Baruto episode 72, Mistuki’s Will


Baruto series getting more and more interesting as its moving ahead. This week’s Baruto episode 72 released and that was amazing. From this episode Mitsuki arc finally started. In today’s article we are going to review and talk about Baruto episode 72.


Baruto Episode 72 Review,


2 mysterious masked man attacked on konaha village’s guards and sent them into coma. Sai and his team investigating on the spot.


Mitsuki is missing too. Baruto and Sarada both are searching him. They asked their friends if in case anyone saw him. But they got nothing. So, they decided to go Mitsuki’s home.


When they reach at his home they see that Mitsuki was not at his home. After seeing his room Baruto says that it feels so depressing here. Hia room was empty not a single thing was there except a photo frame of Baruto.

Baruto episode 72

Baruto and Sarada still searching for Mitsuki in village. Then they got news that village guards attacked this dawn before morning. And thought this is connected to Mitsuki.


Everybody hiding this situation from genins. And Hokage called a meeting to gather all jonins about this situation.


When Baruto and Sarada meet Konahamaru they talked about Mitsuki to him. But even Konahamaru was hiding something from them.

Baruto episode 72

So, Baruto and Sarada decided to investigate on their own. They reached at outside of Hokage’s office wind. And hearing the discussion of their meeting.

Baruto episode 72

In the meeting everyone related this attack to Mitsuki’s missing and thought. Mitsuki was kidnapped.


Then Hokage and everyone went to hospital for further investigation, where both guard was admit. Ino was there and trying to see in guard’s mind (with her mind transfer justu), what really was happened and who attacked on them.


She saw that Mitsuki was not kidnapped. Instead it was who attacked on guards. Tsunade and others was there too. They asked Naruto about thus Mitsuki kid.

Baruto episode 72

Naruto told them that Mitsuki is Orchimaru’s son. Everything was in shock. Baruto and Sarada was there too, hidden and hearing their discussion. Everyone was talking about Orchimaru, What he did to village in the past and now his son trying to doing same. And consider Mitsuki a criminal.

Baruto episode 72

This makes Baruto and Sarada very sad. Both are talking about this on a river bank. Baruto says he is going trust Mitsuki because he is his friend. But Sarada argues and still don’t feel this way.


Baruto was at the village gate where incident happened. Then suddenly he saw a snake which was originally from Mitsuki.  A strange thing trying to eat that snake.

Baruto saved Mitsuki’s snake from that strange thing and got a message from Mitsuki thats “its my will”.


At the night in dark, Baruto decided to go find Mitsuki and about to leave village gate. Then he saw Sarada at the gate. She said if anyone tried to leave village without authority will be considered as criminal.


But Baruto still want to go outside of village for finding Mitsuki. He tell Sarada about Mitsuki’s message. And says he want to know “Mitsuki’s will“.


Now Sarada also deciced to go with Baruto. She says that she also want to what is Mitsuki’s will. After this both Baruto and Sarada leaved the village and headed to Orchimaru’s place for shortest way to finding Mitsuki.

Baruto episode 72

And here’s Baruto Episode 72 ends!


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Baruto Episode 73 Release Date & Where you can watch Baruto Episode 72.


Baruto episode 73 will be release on next week’s Thursday, 13 September.


You can watch online Baruto episodes officially on Funimation and Crunchyroll or just google it many sites will show up. But it is requested to support official release.


Let me know your thoughts and theories on about Baruto series in the comments!

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