Baruto episode 73 Baruto Meets Orochimaru

Baruto episode 73, Baruto Meets Orochimaru

baruto episode 73

Baruto episode 73 released yesterday. In the previous episode we seen that Baruto and Sarada left village so they can find Mitsuki and know what’s his will. They decided to head towards to Orochimaru’s place to find out more information about Mitsuki’s snake.


And now in this article we are going to review Baruto Episode 73 and where you can watch it.


Baruto Episode 73 review,


Baruto and Sarada on the way to approaching to Orochimaru’s Place. So they can ask Orocimaru about Mitsuki’s snake and gather some information about Mitsuki.


baruto episode 73


Naruto, Kakashi, Tsunade and village elders are discussing on Mitsuki and Orochimaru’s connection. Tsunade and elders gets very angry on Naruto, why he take Mitsuki in the academy if he knows that Mitsuki is Orochimaru’s son.


baruto episode 73


On other hand Yamoto integrating Orochimaru about Mitsuki’s attack on guards. But Orochimaru declined and says don’t know about it. However he was lying.


baruto episode 73


After Naruto and elders discussion on Mitsuki’s matter. Shikamaru informed Naruto that Baruto and Sarada didn’t come home at last night. So, they sent Shikadai’s team 10 to brought back Baruto and Sarada to village.


baruto episode 73


Finally Baruto and Sarada reached at Orochimaru’s place. But that place was heavily guarded by jonins. So Sarada transformed into Mitsuki and start distracting them.


In the mean time Baruto entered in Orochimaru’s lab and see that a lot Mistuki clones on tube. before he can understand anything  Orochimaru came in the lab. He says that all of this including Mistuki is his experiments.


baruto episode 73


Sarada successfully distracted all jonins but now having a hard time with so many guards chasing her. Karin reached there and helped Sarada to to get rid of that situation. At last Sarada entered in the place and unite with Baruto.


Baruto tells Sarada about Orochimaru’s research and says that Mitsuki is his experiment, a artificial human being. But still both of them trust Mitsuki as their friend and want to meet him again.


Orochimaru helped them in order get more information about snake. But they got nothing except previous message.


Orochimary tell them that this snake has his own mind and thinking ability. And if they go to White snake sage who lives in Ryuchi cave then they can get more information about Mitsuki’s snake.


After hearing about Whaite snake sage, Baruto and Sarada headed towards to Ryuchi cave where he lives. But in the way they blocked by Shikadai and his team 10. Who were chasing them to get them back to village.


baruto episode 73


And here’s Baruto episode 73 ends!


Baruto Episode 74 Release Date & Where you can watch Baruto Episode 73


Baruto episode 74 will be release on next week’s Thursday, 20 September. In which we are going to see a battle between team 10 and team 7. Can’t wait to see that.


You can watch online Baruto episodes officially on Funimation and Crunchyroll or just google it many sites will show up. But it is requested to support official release.


Let me know your thoughts and theories on about Baruto series in the comments!

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