Black Clover Chapter 253 Release Date & Where You can read it

black clover chapter 253 release date

Black Clover Chapter 253 Release Date: One thing is clear in black clover manga that everybody ignoring Dark Triad members. I mean before time skip they can’t able to defeat just one demon even every powerful member united.

black clover chapter 253 release date

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But now there are 3 demons, and everyone fighting them separately. How in the world they will be defeated.

The same happening in the Heart Kingdom, In the previous chapter Vanica appears and currently, Noelle decided to take her down with the help Loropechika water spirit.

But will she able to defeat her, let’s find out.

Please note: many spoilers ahead in the post and if you haven’t read chapter 252 yet and please stop reading here and come back after you read that chapter otherwise your experience will be spoiled.

Read Black Clover chapter 252 officially here

Black Clover Chapter 252 recap…

black clover chapter 253 release date

The chapter starts with Noelle attacking with sea roar dragon on Vanica but it doesn’t put a scratch on her.

Vanica used his own blood magic. And according to Loropechika Vanica can use two power one is her own blood magic and the other is demon’s curse magic.

On the other hand, Mimosa attacked by the earlier dark disciple. But Mimosa is, sure enough, she can handle herself so Noelle and Loropechika can focus on Vanica.

Loropechika already fought once Vanica and her demon Magicula. This is where she gets her curse. But this time she came with a counter-attack to defeat her.

In the excitement of battle, Vanica told some points of their plan about Zenon taking care of the tree of life and Dante is taking care of Dark magic-user.

It is also revealed here that Dante is Vanica’s big brother.

After hearing dark magic, Noelle asked her about Dark Triad’s evil plan but Vanica declines.

Loropechika also heard those words of Vanica so he entered her unconscious world to find more about their evil plan.

As we know princess inherits the powers of all previous princesses and can use their knowledge anytime they want. That’s Heart kingdom’s princess known as the all-knowing maiden.

Soon she found out all things about their evil plan of Tree of death and demons gateway.

Loropechika told Noelle that if they let Dark triad work their way then 90% of people will die and the world will be collapsed.

After that Loropechika began his counter attack, she gathered and created a water space in the air. And trapped Vanica in water.

And gave a mermaid transformation to Noelle.

According to her, this will decrease the blood magic of Vanica in half as we know blood began to dissolves in water and gave Noelle an increasement in power and speed.

With such amazing power, Noelle attacked Vanica and stabbed her weapon into her with high velocity.

This time Vanica dropped blood out of her mouth but still smiling and her last word is “not bad”.

It’s like despite feeling pain Vanica is enjoying this.

And with these words, this chapter ended here.

Predictions for Black Clover Chapter 253

We see the further fight of Noelle, Loropechika vs Vanica.

It is also possible that Vanica demon will appear in this chapter and illustrate his power.

Black Clover Chapter 253 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English Black Clover Manga Chapter 253 Release:

Black Clover chapter 253 is going to release on Sunday, 7 June 2020. But you can read Black Clover chapter 253 as it scans will be shown 2-3 days earlier than the official release date.

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Spoilers of Black Clover Chapter 253

Sorry to say that but there are no spoilers leaked for chapter 253. But stay tunes they will post here as soon as they appear online.

Where you can read Black Clover Chapter 253

black clover chapter 253 release date

You can read black clover manga 253 officially on the viz media site. After release, this chapter also available on Mangaplus and Shonen Jump app.

You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga, and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on the official site to support them.

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