Boku no My Hero Academia 308 Raw Scans, Chapter Spoilers


Society is on the verge of collapse – citizens’ trust in heroes have plummeted completely. And yet, we see new heroes blooming. The spirit of Heroes has not died and we get to see that in two new characters. Fans are very excited about the upcoming fight sequence in My Hero Academia Manga 308.

Deku realized that Shigaraki and All for One are going to chase him down – their sole objective is to retrieve One for All. And hence, Deku finally quits U.A Hero Academy.

His resolve to protect his friends and family from unnecessary danger leads him to become a rogue entity going out doing hero work!

My Hero Academia Season 5 is finally here. All the new posters, the details are bustling all over the anime pages. Are you hyped about this? We are about to witness the Joint training arc, where U.A Class 1A and 1B will duke it out!

This is the start of a new arc. Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 308 will show a rematch between Deku and Muscular. They have been enemies for a long time. What is this new arc all about?

Horikoshi dubbed this as the beginning of the end, the final act! Is MHA going to end soon?

The bnha 308 spoilers will be here in a few hours, so stay tuned and also check the subreddit.

My Hero Academia 308 Raw Scans Release Date:

Bad news everyone! My Hero Academia manga is on a break this week because of author’s health reasons.

Bnha 308 raw scans are supposed to come out on 8th April 2021. They will be lifted directly from the pages of the latest Weekly Shonen Jump issue.

Following the raw scans, there will be a translation process and we will get the English language fan version within 9th April, 2021. Please know that these are illegal.

You can read My Hero Academia 308 English official scans on 12th April 2021 because of the break. They will be available for reading on Viz, Mangaplus websites and the shonen jump app. All three sources are legal and free to read.

Black Clover 288 and One Piece 1009 will also be released this week to read on the Shonen Jump official website.

My Hero Academia Manga 308 Spoilers:

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 spoilers are finally out for everyone to read. Only the early spoilers are here, so make sure the full official chapter when out.

Muscular seems to be a hardcore Midoriya fan. Also, a new quirk was introduced named smokescreen.

Deku is shown using his quirk float and it makes him look like as if he is using a jetpack.

This is what we have for now and we will update more soon. Stay tuned!

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 308 Spoilers

Well, we will do our best to fish out the real spoilers and post them in this section. So keep visiting Recent Highlights for all the latest bnha 308 news.

Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Discussion:

With the hero community shaken up, the citizens are in danger. However, the citizens have put up a surprisingly tough front using accessory items. But this is not a proper society, the citizens have no proper security, they can’t return back to normal life.

Will the citizens see this in My Hero Academia 308 spoilers? We will find out.

Why are Shindo and Tatami refused?

Shindo and Tatami are 3rd year students of Ketsubutsu Academy, very close to being heroes. They have intel that one of the Tartarus escapees is loose in the area and they need to evacuate the citizens.

They’re upbeat nature is broken apart when the citizens flatly refuse their offer.

The citizens have holed up in a building and they want to fend for themselves. The Heroes want to take them to a designated shelter.

However, the people have no faith in the capability of the heroes and hence, they refuse the offer. My Hero Academia Manga 308 spoilers might show a change in people’s attitudes.

Why is Muscular rampaging about?

Tartarus was not a good experience for Muscular. Now that he’s free from the shackles, he is like a mad dog, and unhinged villain set on destruction.

As Shindo and Tatami are going away, they meet Muscular. It is a highly dangerous threat and hence, Shindo urges Tatami to call support while he faces the villain.

The 12000 layers of muscle fibres do immense damage to Shindo, immediately putting him on the losing side. In front of the citizens, Shindo is beaten up by Muscular.

However, he is no pushover either. Shindo unleashes Tremoring Earth that does damage to Muscular. The attack, unfortunately, leaves him immobile, and Muscular reinforces himself.

My Hero Academia 308 raw scans will show the citizens how powerless they are in front of the Tartarus escapees. Their resolve is strong but they are fighting a losing battle if they don’t accept help.

How will Deku handle the situation?

Deku enters by snatching Shindo from Muscular. Using his Danger Sense quirk, Deku has located Muscular and now, he stands to fight his old opponent. Hence the name of the episode, Long time no See.

We believe that in Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 308 raw, Deku will try to save the citizens, but he will probably have to delegate it to the other 2 heroes. And he himself will try to defeat Muscular once more!

But hold up. Deku said that he wants to save the villains too. So maybe, instead of a pure fistfight, Deku will try to communicate with Muscular and try to get to the root of the problem! Maybe, My Hero Academia 308 will have a new approach for us!

Let us know what you think about the upcoming chapter in the comments down below and read our article on Demon Slayer Season 2 while you wait for the spoilers and scans to be released.

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