Boku no My Hero Academia 309 Raw Scans, Chapter Spoilers


After the amazing fight in the latest chapter, fans are very excited for My Hero Academia Chapter 309. This is the kind of fighter we all hoped Deku would turn out to be. In this battle, we see rogue Deku’s amazing skill against an old enemy.

Is this the start of a new direction for the series?

Deku has always been different from your average shonen hero in one main way – he is not dumb. And yet his power was that which suits shonen heroes, a power which shows more brawn than brain.

But Deku’s smart side was shown when he took those notes as a child and actually thought while fighting. Having realized the trick to controlling One for All, he is now using his brain and properly coordinating more than 3 quirks effectively! Bnha 309 raw will surely show more of him.

The anime of My Hero Academia has aired 2 episodes and so far, it looks quite beautiful. A new arc is starting and we are almost certain that we’ll get to see some flashy sakuga, some noteworthy fight sequences.

If you’re not watching yet, you should at least consider it.

As you already know, the Final Act of My Hero Academia has begun. This is a new arc that we are in, although we don’t know the name of the act yet.

Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 309 will probably draw a conclusion to Deku’s ongoing fight with Muscular.

My Hero Academia 309 Raw Scans

My Hero Academia chapter 309 raw scans will be available on 14 April, 2021. With the release of the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, scanlators will be able to post the raw scans online.

The fan versions need time since after the translation, the pages have to be typeset, redrawn and cleaned before being released online. We can expect the English version on 16 April, 2021.

On 18 April, 2021, the official English translations for My Hero Academia 309 will be available on Viz and Mangaplus websites, and the Shonen Jump app. Please read here as it is legal and of course, free.

One Piece 1011 and Black Clover 290 will also be published the same day so don’t forget to check it out.

My Hero Academia Chapter 309 Spoilers:

My Hero Academia 309 spoilers will be available when the panels have been leaked. We ask you to wait 3 days, until 14 April and then we will provide the spoilers to you.

Until then, please be patient and keep checking out Recent Highlights for all the latest news. We are trying our best to get the spoilers for you.

Boku no My Hero Academia Manga 309 Discussion:

One of the best things about the power system in the series is the concept of balance. For example, one person can’t successfully hold and use multiple quirks for long, except All for One.

And even though Deku had mastered up to 20% with his full cowling, he had to reduce the percentage when he was using Black Whip.

My Hero Academia 309 manga spoilers might show us more of this, since Deku is using multiple quirks.

Midoriya’s Outfit

We couldn’t help but notice that Deku’s Hero Costume looks very impressive. Initially, his mask made him look like a stupid rabbit. Then in costume beta, he removed the smile and added a cool-looking breather.

Unfortunately, he rarely put up the mask.

The present Deku wears his mask and breather. His eyes are all blackish, giving him a very edgy and cool look.

The rabbit ear like protrusions he had to copy’s All Might’s hair, they have been torn and are now shaped like flames.

Boku no My Hero Academia 309 raw might show this amazing outfit from more angles.

What is the sixth user teaching Deku?

It seems that Deku’s current teacher is the sixth user of One for All. Deku has gained access to his teacher’s quirk, Smoke Screen and is relying a lot on it. He can also talk freely with his teacher, who resides as a vestige inside his quirk! A very strange situation.

The sixth user asks Deku to overuse any quirk. He points out that Deku puts a lot of value on the individual quirks and hence, ends up overusing them. He asks Deku to think of these quirks as tools and then only will he be able to have harmony between them.

My Hero Academia 309 raw will focus more on Deku using his teacher’s advice to keep fighting. This is like a one on one experience. He is acting and his master is immediately guiding him towards the right direction.

How is Deku fighting Muscular?

First of all, Muscular is a man who withstood 100% attack of Deku’s One for All. He was defeated but Deku got highly injured. Next, Muscular is a psychopath ordered to wreak havoc and destruction. Deku’s attempts to knowing him and using words to fix him failed.

First, Deku managed to create a smoke screen to reduce Muscular’s visibility. He uses his last encounter to predict his opponent’s blind charge attack pattern.

Then, he uses danger sense quirk to avoid attacks, float quirk to get to suitable attack position, black whip quirk to reduce mobility.

Muscular has been damaged by the vibration attack already. Yet, he wants a slugfest type fight. Deku won’t allow him that. He uses his quirks skillfully to bring down his opponent.

Deku declares that balancing these quirks to bring out the most effective result, that is his power! My Hero Academia Manga 309 will show Muscular’s retaliation.

We will update the bnha 309 spoilers and raw scans here. So stay tuned and read our articles on Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 and Baki Season 4 while you wait.

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