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Boruto Chapter 39 Release Date: Every new Boruto manga chapter release on every 20th of the month, this Boruto Chapter 39 also going to be released on October 20, 2019. The scans can be out by 1-2 days earlier means you can read Boruto chapter 39 on 18 October 2019.

Boruto manga has been very attention-grabbing for the previous few months. Every chapter creating new hypes for new chapter release among the fans! Whereas the Boruto anime series is probably not nearly as good as manga chapters but, I’m definitely sure that when the anime does decide up the manga a part of the story, it’ll be 100 times more amazing than it’s current condition.

This month’s Boruto chapter 38 proved once more that Ikemoto and Kodachi are dealing with Boruto to make this as better as they can. The story is attention-grabbing, and the events have been thrilling with every new chapter. So, let’s first talk about what you would find in newly released Boruto chapter 38.

Note: Boruto chapter 38 major spoilers ahead in the article, so I suggest you to first read chapter 37 then come back to this article.

You can read officially: Boruto chapter 38 here

Chapter 38 takes place where chapter 37 ends when Naruto and Sasuke are in another dimension fighting with Jigen. Jigen has some really odd powers but Sasuke managed to analyze them.  And this chapter shows us amazing detailed fight of Naruto, Sasuke vs Jigen.

Boruto Chapter 38 review

Jigen grew a horn in head and ready to fight with Naruto and Sasuke.

In the fight, Sasuke tells Naruto about his investigation that leads him to a place where he found of traces of a new Ohtsutsuki.

And Jigen’s horn is like that new Ohtsutsuki. There he also finds a Juvenile ten tails like Biju. He also gave a hint of Jigen’s plan that along with ten tens he wants to drain the planet’s chakra.

After this Naruto transformed into his nine tails Kuruma mode and Sasuke into his Susano.

Sasuke attacked Jigen with Susano sword but Jigen easily dodged it and isn’t much impressed by Susano’s speed and with a single kick he easily penetrated Susano’s defense and put some black rods on Sasuke’s body.

boruto chapter 39 release date

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After that when Jigen approaching with an attack to him. Sasuke used his rinnegan and swiped places.


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Now its Naruto who attacking Jigen with nine tails mode. He rampaging with all his tails to hurt Jigen but they don’t enough even to touch him.

Then Jigen once again used his black rods and put them to all of nine tails. And again with a single attack, he also penetrates Naruto defense.

After this, both are attacking Jigen simultaneously with different combo attacks and strategies. But nothing working on Jigen. He is simply too strong for them to defeat. Even Sasuke’s Amaterasu black fires nothing effect on Jigen.

Now Sasuke at his limit. If he uses more chakra then he won’t be able to use his space-time ninjutsu.

Suddenly, Jigen’s also got a crack on his body. This body just is a vessel for him and now at its limit.

Naruto and Sasuke are really in bad shape. Then Jigen blows his final attack.

He puts black rods on Naruto and Sasuke’s body. He wants to seal away Naruto because inside of nine tails he will take time to kill him. But he Sasuke Uchiha because of his space-time ninjutsu Sasuke can easily escape from it. So he wants to kill him.

Naruto tells Sasuke to escape but Sasuke denied this. Then Naruto suggests him that currently there is no chance of them defeating Jigen.

And one of them must escape otherwise both will be killed. Then Sasuke used his teleportation and barely able to escape from Jigen’s attack.

boruto chapter 39 release date

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Naruto still there trapped with Jigen. He is sealing Naruto with some kind of sealing technique of big black pot. Jigen tells Naruto he has no interest in him but his son Boruto is a different story because of Boruto’s Karama.

He wants to take away Boruto with Kawaki. Then shuts down the pot and sealed away Naruto.

Here in this chapter, a big twist revealed that Jigen is the Ohtsutsuki that Sasuke talking about. And Jigen is its vessel name which he currently using. His real name is Ohtsutsuki Isshiki.

boruto chapter 39 release date

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I already posted this on the previous article and now it is confirmed that Ohtsutsuki Isshiki is using vessels just like Orochimaru but until now all his vessels are defective and failures but Kawaki is a perfect vessel for him that’s why he needed Kawaki.

At the last page of the Boruto chapter 37, Sarada at Boruto’s home. She saw there Kawaki standing with Naruto’s photo in his hand. Then his hand fells down with Hokage Naruto’s photo and got broke down. Kawaki’s hand was an artificial tech hand. And with this Boruto manga chapter 37 ends!

As I said earlier, this chapter was amazing and one of the best chapters in the Boruto manga. It is also expected that next Boruto chapter 39 going to be more epic as it will reveal us what will Sasuke do next to for saving Naruto, What will be Jigen or I should say Ohtsutsuki Isshiki’s plan. How Boruto and others going to react when they know that Naruto was sealed away in a different dimension.

Let’s wait for the release of next Boruto chapter 39 and see what chapter 39 unfolds for us!

Boruto Chapter 39 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English Boruto Manga Chapter 39 Release:

Every new Boruto manga chapter release on every 20th of the month, this Boruto Chapter 39 also going to be released on October 20, 2019. The scans can be out by 1-2 days earlier means you can read Boruto chapter 39 on 18 October 2019.

Where you can read Boruto Chapter 39

Read Boruto Chapter 39

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You can read Boruto chapter 39 officially on viz media’s site. You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on official site to support them.

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