Boruto Chapter 41 Release Date, Prediction and where you can read it

boruto chapter 41 release date

Boruto Chapter 41 Release Date: Boruto Manga getting crazier from the previous few months. Every new chapter is so hypeful that after reading it you can’t wait for the next chapter.

Otherhand if we talk about anime, it not anywhere near to manga and sometimes dull. But I am sure when the animation decides to adapt the manga story, it will more amazing than now.

boruto chapter 41 release date

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Recently released chapter 40 is give fans a big shock, where Sasuke’s condition is still bad and Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada, and Mitsuki went to that dimension where Jigen sealed Naruto. And this chapter will show us, what will happen next.

Note there are spoilers in this article about Boruto chapter 40 if you have not read the chapter yet then, I suggest you read it first then come back. If you don’t wanna get spoiled but if you don’t mind spoilers then welcome.

You can read officially Boruto chapter 40 here

The chapter starts with Shikamaru, Whereas Sasuke is still unconscious and without his time-space justu, they can’t reach that dimension and save Naruto. So, he hoped that Boruto and others will safe until then.

On the other hand, Boruto and the team met Boro (another member of Kara). Boro told them that Naruto Uzumaki is in the black pot sealed by Jigen and only Jigen can undo the seal.

Then Boro got invisible, actually its one of its power and started to attack them.

First, he attacked with acid from underground but Kawaki used his karma and absorb it. Boruto also used karma and saved Kawaki from another acid attack.

Then Boruto attacked him with a Rasengan but boro regenerates him so fast that it didn’t affect him. It’s his second ability shown.

Meanwhile, Sarada watching Boro’s movements with her Sharingan.

Boro released some sort of black mist that prevents moving Boruto and Kawaki. It also confirmed by Boro that Baruto is also a vessel of Momoshiki.

Then Mitsuki came and tried to help and it also didn’t go well. At last, Sarada showed some stunt and rescued them then retreated for a better plan.
boruto manga chapter 41 read online

And this chapter ends here!

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Predictions for Boruto Chapter 41

The next chapter also going to recuse the mission of Naruto and the counter-attack on Boruto and the team.

It’s also possible that Sasuke can be healed to that time and when the Boruto and others are in danger he will show with backup. Then they will defeat Boro and rescue.

But it’s just a prediction, as we know the manga it will definitely unfold many things in the next boruto chapter 41.

Boruto Chapter 41 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English Boruto Manga Chapter 41 Release:

Boruto manga chapter 41 is setup to release on Saturday, 20 December 2019. You can read Boruto chapter 41 after the countdown hits zero.

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Where you can read Boruto Chapter 41

Read Boruto Manga Chapter 41

VIZ.COM  – link available after release

SHONEN JUMP APP ANDROID – link available after release

MANGA PLUS – link available after release

You can read Boruto chapter 41 officially on viz media’s site. It will be also available on Manga plus and Shonen Jump’s app after it’s release. You can also google it there you find plenty of other sites for reading but I suggest to read on the official site as it supports them.

That’s all guys, hope you like the article, if you loved this one then share it with your manga or anime lover friends. And don’t forget to comment below what you think and your predictions about Boruto chapter 41.



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