Boruto Chapter 42 Release Date, Prediction and where you can read it

boruto chapter 42 release date

Boruto Chapter 42 Release Date: Boruto manga latest chapter recently released, where we got to see a major character development of Sarada Uchiha as she becomes captain of new team 7 and command them.

boruto chapter 42 release date

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This chapter showed us the real strength and teamwork of Sarada, Boruto, Mitsuki and, the new member in team 7 Kawaki.

Please note there are major spoilers ahead in the article if you don’t want to get spoiled then you can stop reading here and first read chapter 41 then come back and check out this post.

You can officially read Boruto chapter manga here

Boruto Chapter 41 review

Due to Sarada’s fast decision Boruto, Mitsuki and Kawaki recused themself from Boro’s attack and retreated to think a counter-attack.

boruto chapter 42 release date
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And this chapter starts from that place where all of them talking about Boro’s strange dark mist. If it touches you, you slowly lose the ability to move.

With the help of Mitsuki, Sarada able to find the logic behind it.

It was viruses in that dark mist which enter in the body and paralyzed it. These viruses are built with scientific ninja tools. So they made a plan to defeat Boro.

boruto manga chapter 42 release date

Now they are ready to counter Boro. And choose Sarada their captain.

As the first part of their planning, Sarada faced Boro all alone.

And when Boro grabbed Sarada thinks that she can’t face him anymore. They used their trump card and attacked with their combined power.

As a result, Boro’s upper body destroyed but guess what! he is still not defeated. He quickly regenerated himself.

But Boro how they can move themself after his dark mist. Actually they use antibodies with the help of Mitsuki.

Now Boro is angry and to break their plan he decided to attack the sealing pot in which Naruto is sealed.

So, everyone rushes after Boro to stop him.

But this chapter ended here. This is an amazing chapter but with very few pages in it comparing to previous chapters.

Predictions for Boruto Chapter 42,

It’s still early to put some predicts for Boruto chapter 42, But we think that there is some more fight we will in the next chapter as Boro will not actually break the pot.

He is just playing dirty to break their teamwork.

Maybe it possible that in the next chapter we see the return of Sasuke and he will defeat the Boro.

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Boruto Chapter 42 Release Date

Countdown time to Left Boruto Manga Chapter 42 Release:

Boruto manga chapter 42 will release on Monday, 20 January 2020. You can read Boruto chapter 42 after the countdown hits zero on official viz media website.

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Where you can read Boruto Chapter 42

You can read Boruto chapter 42 officially on viz media’s site. It will be also available on Manga plus and Shonen Jump’s app after it’s release. You can also google it there you find plenty of other sites for reading but I suggest to read on the official site as it supports them.

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