Boruto Chapter 47 Release Date & Where you can read it

Boruto chapter 47 release date

Boruto Chapter 47 Release Date: Boruto manga is turning into a hidden ace of Shonen jump. And currently getting crazy chapter after chapter. Every chapter creating so much hype and excitement that fans are desperately waiting for the next Boruto manga chapter 47.

And this article is about the exact release date and time of chapter 47.

boruto chapter 47 release date

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Recently released chapter 46 proved once again that creators really trying their hard to make the series amazing like the Naruto series. Even in the COVID-19 situation, they working hard to make it possible to release a new chapter every month.

So, please support the creators.

Like I said above chapter 46 an amazing chapter and revealed many events like Jigen vs Kashin Koji fight, the real identity of Jigen, Ostusuki’s plan, and counting…

Let’s take a short recap of Boruto chapter 46 and see you will find it!

Spoiler warning- there are many spoilers of chapter 46 ahead in the article and if you didn’t read that yet. I suggest you read it first then come later if you don’t want to get spoiled.

You can officially read Boruto chapter 46 here

Boruto Chapter 46 review

boruto chapter 47 release date

Kashin Koji standing ready to attack anytime on Jigen, he just confronting the true motive of his creation which kills Jigen.

On the other hand, Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and others are watching and hearing this whole scene via a live transmission through Kashin Koji’s frog to Amado’s eyeglass.

Even Naruto and others are shocked after hearing Koji’s true motives and want to know the reason behind it from Amado.

Then Amado revealed that Kashin Koji and he was just playing being a member but their true motives are to take down Jigen and eliminate him.

And now this is a perfect opportunity when Jigen is weakened by fighting Naruto and Sasuke.

According to Amado “it’s now or never”.

That’s why Amado is in Kohana village to help them.

After this, Jigen vs Koji’s fight began.

Koji began attacking some firebombs but Jigen absorbed them as we know it’s the ability of Karama.

Then Koji appears behind of Jigen and sprayed flammable toad oil on him, and ignited the oil with his toads.

Guess what?

That’s also doesn’t work in Jigen.

But after seeing Kashin’s fighting style Naruto realized his way of fighting to resemble someone. And we know who he is thinking about.

Then Jigen and Koji started to fight with their hands and legs, Koji created some shadow clones but Jigen erasing them one by one with his rods and ability to be small. Like he defeated Naruto and Sasuke.

boruto chapter 47 release date

After that, both stopped and something happened that shocked everyone even Naruto.

Kashin called Jigen with another name Ohtustuki Issiki.

On this Amado told Naruto and others “that’s right it’s Jigen’s true identity and true form”.

Boruto chapter 47 release date

Amado told everyone his story that he came on earth a long time ago with Ohtusuki Kaguya to fulfill their motive of planting a divine tree on Earth and harvest its chakra fruit.

But suddenly Kaguya turned against him and put Isshiki on the verge of death.

Amado said, “he still doesn’t know Kaguya’s motive for that time, was it’s due personal enmity or due to greed of chakra fruit for herself”.

On the verge of death, Isshiki managed to find and take over the body of a monk nearby. And that man was Jigen.

Hearing that Sasuke came with a question, “is that the time when Isshiki marked Jigen with Karma”.

But before answering that question Amado wants to assure his agreements with Hokage.

Will Kohana give Amado Asylum or not?

On that Naruto agreed.

Then Amado starts talking about the Truth of Karma.

To understand everyone, Amado used the example of Baruto’s Karma case.

His karma embedded by Momoshiki. At the time of death, Momoshiki converted his left power into a replica data of himself and implanted it as Karma into Boruto’s body.

On simple terms, Karma is a highly compressed backup file of Ohstusuki.

And this compressed backfile extracting slowly-slowly every passing minute. And when all the data will fully be extracted, Boruto’s body will turn into Momoshiki, and then his own life will not exist.

That’s the process of rebirth in Ohstusuki members.

And there is no way to prevent this until they kill Boruto. Yes, that’s the only way according to Amado.

After Momoshiki’s taking over Boruto’s body Karma will disappear like a sugar cube in tea.

Hearing that Sasuke again came with doubt that why Jigen still has Karma if Isshiki snatched Jigen from such a long time why Isshiki is not fully revived.

As the explanation of this doubt, Amado told, that at the time of taking over Jigen’s body Isshiki was so weak that he even can’t create Karma.

So he used his shrinking technique and entered Jigen’s body through his ear and began to get nutrition from Jigen’s body like a parasite.

And soon took control of his body. Afterward, he embedded Karma on Jigen.

But currently, Jigen’s body can’t able to hold Isshiki’s full chakra that’s he creating a new vessel that is Kawaki.

Then once again the scene changed back to the fight of Jigen vs Koji.

Kashin Koji trapped Jigen in a ritual seal, where he summoned real flames from the faraway flaming mountain.

And as they are real Fire Jigen Karma cannot absorb it. So his skin is burning.

Otherside Amado telling that we can’t let Isshiki came back in full power via Kawaki Karma otherwise it will be impossible for them to defeat him.

But Amado founded a technique that can kill Ohsutsukis and now he is going to teach this technique to Konoha.

Sadly this chapter ends here, So we have to wait for the next month for the release of Boruto Chapter 47.

Boruto Chapter 47 Predictions

This chapter will continue the fight of Jigen and Koji but there is some chance that Koji will defeat him as Amado confirms that he founded a way to kill Oshtuskis.

We will also know more things about Amado’s secrets.

It is possible that in this chapter Kashin Koji’s real identity will be revealed. But I don’t think that it will be Master JIraya.

Because as we know Mishimoto plays with suspense and now why everyone thinking about Jiraya, So I doubt Koji being Jiraya.

What do you about it, let me know in the comments.

Well, that’s just my prediction so let’s wait for the Boruto Chapter 47 release date.

Boruto Chapter 47 Release Date

Countdown time to Left Boruto Manga Chapter 47 Release:

Boruto manga release new chapter every month, So next month,

Boruto manga chapter 47 will release on Saturday, 20 June 2020. You can read Boruto chapter 47 after the countdown hits zero on the official viz media website.

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Where you can read Boruto Chapter 47

You can read Boruto chapter 47 officially on viz media’s site. It will be also available on Manga plus and Shonen Jump’s app after it’s release.

That’s all guys, hope you like the article, if you loved this one then share it with your manga or anime lover friends. And don’t forget to comment below what you think and your predictions about Boruto chapter 47.


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