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The last episode has left all of us with lots of question regarding Boruto episode 195. The Uzumaki family has invited a new member in its family, Kawaki. Although everyone at the Uzumaki family has welcomed Kawaki with open arms but Boruto and Kawaki is still facing problem to cop-up with each other.

Naruto has started acting as a father figure for Kawaki to keep him in check and even compensate for all the misfortunes he has suffered in his past. Episode 195 may even lead to some significant bond development between Naruto and Kawaki too.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is back in the game with the introduction of Kawaki in the recent episodes. Boruto is the story after the completion of Naruto following his son, Boruto.

He is sharper and stronger as compared to Naruto when he was at that age. Boruto’s journey filled with lots of adventure and responsibilities as the son of the Hokage.

The fans have been eagerly waiting for this arc to began and it began well. Boruto has finally started following its manga story and has started gaining fans following once again.

The mystery of the secret mark on the palm of Boruto has also started to uncover. Kawaki unfolded the mystery behind his mark and even Boruto and Kawaki got their marks under different circumstances both of their marks seem more than similar and also resonating with each other.

All of us are eagerly waiting for the Boruto episode 195 so without any further wait let me answer every question that you might have in your mind regarding Boruto episode 195. Everything from its coming release dates to what we might possibly witness in the coming episode.

Boruto Chapter 57 will also be published in a few days which reveal more about Kara and the Karma. So don’t forget to read it when out.

Boruto Episode 195 Release Date and Time

Boruto episode 195 will release under the title “ The Flower Vase” and will air on 18th April 2021 at 5:30 JST. If you are living in United State you can watch the episode at 12:30 AM PST on 18th April.

The episodes got their English subtitles in 3 to 4 hours after their release so after waiting a little longer you can watch the subbed episode. In India, the episode will release in the evening around 4 to 5 on 18th April in the English Subbed version.

Boruto Ep195 will officially release on various anime streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Huku, and Netflix Japan in the English Subbed version.

These platforms also contain the English Dubbed version of the Boruto so you can enjoy the older episodes in the dubbed version on these platforms too.

What can we expect from Boruto episode 195?

Spoiler Alert!!! The following section may contain Spoiler regarding the coming episode 195 of Boruto. If you like your anime unpredicted then skip this section and you can read the section following this one.

Boruto Episode 194 Review:

The episode started with the screen at Uzumaki House where Kawaki has started staying with the Uzumaki family. The episode got a funny starting where Boruto and Kawaki were arguing over using the bathroom first which was already occupied by Naruto.

After a little argument, Boruto and Kawaki got themselves into a high-intensity fistfight and Naruto have to use one of his shadow clones to stop them from fighting. Naruto and his family were trying to treat Kawaki as politely as they can but Kawaki was not used to a family and found it unsettling to be among them although he had given up the idea of escaping.

Later in the episode, Kawaki came to Boruto to ask him about the Karma mark and Boruto told him how he got it while fighting a guy named Momoshiki Otsutsuki. He also told Boruto the secret about how he got his Karma mark.

Kawaki was one of the test subjects of Jigen and Amado and he has injected with some strange fluid by Jigen which led to the mark on his hand. Kawaki also asked Boruto to help him so that they both can get rid of the mark on their hand.

Boruto Episode 195 Potential Spoiler:

The last episode 194 ended with Naruto telling Kawaki that he will show him around the Hidden Leaf Village. In episode 195 as the name of the episode suggest Kawaki and Naruto will go to buy a flower vase for Himawari and a tour of the village.

There is also a possibility that Koji Kashin who is lurking in the shadows may ambush the village. Naruto is also trying to win the trust of Kawaki and this episode might lead to a significant rise in the bond between them.

Kawaki’s and Boruto’s Karma mark is already resonating with each other and they may even develop a strong brotherly bond between them. The coming episode may show us something significant in the character development of Kawaki.

Boruto may even tap into the latent potential of his Karma mark and we can even witness a new significant powerup in Boruto.

We will update this Boruto Ep195 English sub article a few hours before it airs to include the latest details. So stay tuned and feel free to read our articles on Dragon Ball Super 2 and Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 while you wait.

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