Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 192 Release Date and Where you can read

demon slayer manga chapter 192 release date

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 192 Release Date: After few chapters without Tanjiro in the series, fans are waiting to return for him and finally the previous chapter of demon slayer made his appearance in the manga.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 192 Release Date

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Chapter 191 turns many events upside down and surprised everyone, so without wasting time let’s take a short review and see what’s you are going to find in this chapter.

Your attention please, there are major spoilers ahead in the article and if you haven’t read chapter 191 of demon slayer yet I suggest you to read if first then come back to this article otherwise you will be spoiled.

Read Demon Slayer chapter 191 officially here

Demon slayer chapter 191 review,

The chapter starts with Yushiro injecting Tanjiro with antidotes to nullify Muzan’s blood cells in his body. And from Murakata’s words, it like Yushiro injecting him many antidotes. But Tanjiro still unconscious.

In the meantime, Murakata (low-rank demon slayer fighter) tried to free the sword from Tanjiro’s hand but still in unconsciousness state he won’t let it go.

After so many efforts they finally got weak pulses in his body. Then Murakata began yelling his name so he can awake but nothing happening.

Then he yelled that if he did not wake up Muzan going to escape again.

Just hearing that Tanjiro waked up.

On the other hand, Pillars are still fighting Muzan and but they are managing to dodge his attacks and several times even attack him and slowed his regeneration.

And it’s like they can hold him till sunrise.

Seeing pillars red sword, Inosuke also wanted to turn his sword red and asked Kanao about it.

Wind pillar used one of the stickers and turns himself invisible and landed a blow on Muzan, he also finds out sticker users can see each other.

Rock pillar used his x-ray vision to see through Muzan’s body and find out some shocking truth.

Muzan has several hearts and minds in his body and he can even shift their positions. That’s why even they cut his head he won’t die.

So, he thinks to attack all those organs at the same time and told other pillars to try to see through his body.

And for a slight moment, they able to see the transparent body of Muzan.

But then Muzan did something and suddenly ground cracked, his tentacles attacked from all directions and just after a second all Pillars, Zenistu, Inosuke are defeated. Just Kanao is the one who is remained.

Pillars are majorly injured and it’s like Gyuki lost his one hand and rock pillar lost his leg. Their conditions are really bad and unconscious.

Then Muzan moves forward to Kanao to finish her. Kanao is in so much fear that she can’t even stand up.

Muzan is just about to attack her but then Tanjiro comes and saves her, he even chopped an arm of Muzan’s while saving Kanao.

read demon slayer chapter 192

Tanjiro glares at Muzan and tells “Let’s finish this, Muzan”.

And before final fights start this chapter ends here. So we have to wait for Demon slayer chapter 192 release.

Predictions for Demon slayer chapter 192,

Tanjiro gives Muzan same glare that Yurochi gave him hundred years ago. Maybe that’s a glue that Tanjiro learned Yurochi’s attacks.

Demon slayer chapter 192 release date

Tanjiro is all alone who is facing Muzan and it’s unknown how much time left to sunrise.

But one thing is clear he going give Muzan a tough time as now he learned the real sun breathing techniques and know all Muzna’s organs.

Nezuko still not arrived and on the way but soon she will there to help his brother.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 192 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English Demon Slayer Manga Chapter 192 Release:

Demon slayer chapter 192 will be released on Sunday, 2 February 2020.  But scans may out earlier so that possible you can read demon slayer chapter 192 1 or 2 days earlier than the official release date.

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Where you can read Kimestu no yaiba Chapter 192

You can read demon slayer 192 officially on the viz media site. After release, this chapter also available on Mangaplus and Shonen Jump app.

You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on the official site to support them.

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