Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 188 Release Date and Spoilers

demon slayer chapter 188 release date

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 188 Release Date: As Demon slayer manga moving to its climax, it’s getting crazy chapter after chapter. Every new chapter giving chills in the spine for the next chapter.

demon slayer Chapter 188 Release Date

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Chapter 187 finally released and trust me it’s one of the best chapters in the series. We saw the fierce battle between strongest Demon “Muzn” and strongest demon slayer “Yorichi”.

So, let’s take a short review of what’s you are going to find in this chapter.

Note there are major spoilers ahead in the article of chapter 187 and if you don’t like to get spoiled then you can stop reading here and come back when you read this chapter. But if you don’t mind spoilers and then you can move forward.

You can officially read Demon Slayer chapter 187 here

Demon Slayer Chapter 187 review

Yorichi and Muzan in front of each other and battle started.

demon slayer manga chapter 188 read online

Muzan using the same technique which he is using in the previous few chapter “long-range arm equipped with razor-sharp blades”.

But Yorichi easily dodges them and knew that a single scratch from those attacks will cause his life.

Muzan has 7 hearts and 5 brains in his body with fast regenerative capabilities.

By that time Yorichi finished to develop his sword forms and had a red sword which stops Muzan’s regenerative powers to work.

After seeing Yorichi’s completed sword forms Tenjiro also wanted to learn them but he was seeing this fight in his consciousness world. Due to this, he can’t ask him straightly.

Now, Muzan losing this fight as his body won’t be regenerating any more.

Next movement, Muzan’s body burst in too many small pieces and started to attack Yorichi. But he managed to cut 1500 pieces out of 1800.

A small quantity of those pieces escaped and thus how Muzan able saved himself. And Yorichi failed to kill Muzan.

There was also a Woman who can’t help Muzan during the fight. Later Yorichi knows that she is also a demon and controlled by Muzan.

But this fight weaken Muzan and now she is out of his control. So Yorichi helped her in the escape.

Soon other slayers also came there and told Yorichi that his older became a demon.

Yorichi filled with regret as he failed in his goal and Others wanted him to leave demon slayers.

Then the scene changed in the consciousness world and it’s the place where Tanjiro first met with Yorichi at Sumiyoshi house.

Yorichi expressed his regret to sumiyoshi family as he failed to save many members of the sumiyoshi family and due to his carelessness Muzan is still alive. But family heads had nothing to say to him. 

A child came to near Yorichi, sumikichi family told that he wants to hug him as he was taller than him.

After this, Yorichi eyes filled with tears at the seeing child’s big joyful smile. And he began to cry there.

Then Sumiyoshi’s wife came there and offer Yorichi to meal and calm down.

Tanjiro wished that hope Yorichi heart will find peace and this chapter ends.

Predictions for Demon slayer chapter 188,

Soon Tanjiro will be wake up from his consciousness world and join the fight again.

Nezuko is also on the way to the Tanjiro and She will also be going to fight Muzan in the next few chapters.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 188 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English Demon Slayer Manga Chapter 188 Release:

Demon Slayer chapter 188 will be released on Sunday, 22 December 2019. And you can read Demon Slayer chapter 188 on 20 December 2019 after the live countdown ends!

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Where you can read Demon Slayer Chapter 188

You can read Demon Slayer chapter 188 officially on the viz media site. After release, this chapter also available on Mangaplus and Shonen Jump app. You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on the official site to support them.

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