Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 197 Release Date and Where you can read

Demon slayer chapter 197 release date

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 197 Release Date: Another week and another amazing demon slayer manga chapter released, yes this week’s chapter 196 just released. And it introduced many things new things that happened into it.

demon slayer Chapter 197 Release Date

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Chapter 196 revealed many things like finally, Nezuko arrived in the town where Tanjiro and other demon slayers fighting with Muzan. But she no more demon.

And Only 35 mins left for sunrise so he tried to use his hidden technique for escape and Tamayo’s medicine fourth effect. So, let’s dig in with a short review of chapter 196.

But if you only want to know the release date of demon slayer chapter 197 then please skip review part and scroll below.

Warning, there are major spoilers ahead of chapter 196, if you have not read this chapter yet I suggest you read it first so you don’t wanna spoiled by reading further in this post. But if don’t mind spoilers then we welcome you.

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Demon slayer chapter 196 review,

Nezuko is totally tired and her mind is getting the vision of her family when murdered by a demon Muzan.

From her vision, it is revealed that Muzan killed Tanjiro’s family because he was trying to make a demon who can conquer the sun.

She also got the memory of the events and people while she was the demon and travelling with Tanjiro.

Her mind got so twisted with the memory that it was hurting in the head but then she saw Tanjiro (in her mind) and remember what he was always saying, “no matter what happened his big brother will save her”.

And then finally, she fully returned back into a human.

Demon slayer chapter 197 release date

Meanwhile, Tanjio and snake pillar Igoro still fighting with Muzan and stopped him while he was trying to escape. They are very hard to get even one second for sunrise.

During the fighting, Muzan felt something. It was life forms of Pillars. They are fatally injured but still alive, Yushiro treating them and soon they will back to fight again.

Demon slayer chapter 197 release date

Then the crow came and announced that 35 minutes left for sunrise.

As the Muzan heard these words he got so scared he did not want to risk any longer. And tried to do his hidden technique “dividing into parts”.

But he can not able to do that due to Tamayo’s medicine effect then we can see him spiling out blood out of his mouth.

It’s was Tamayo’s medicine 4th effect, the cell destruction.

And here’s chapter ends!

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