Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 200 Release Date- Is Muzan Dying?

demon slayer chapter 200 release date

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 200 Release Date: Finally sun risen in the Demon slayer manga and it’s like Muzan’s death is near second by second as the sun rising. But the question is that he really going to die the next chapter, let’s find out.

Demon Slayer Chapter 200 Release Date

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If you don’t know Demon slayer manga is on it’s climax and creators are really giving their everything so they can make as awesome as they can.

This week’s chapter 199 just released and every remaining pillar and demon slayer member who can fight to put their every effort to stop Muzan from escape.

Spoiler warning: there are major spoilers of chapter 199 ahead in the article and if you didn’t read that chapter yet we suggest you read it first so you can avoid spoilers.

Read Demon Slayer chapter 199 officially here

As the sun’s first ray fell on the Muzan’s demonic body, he started to burn but then he used his last ace. He turned into a giant baby body to hide his real body under that to avoid direct sun rays.

Demon Slayer Chapter 200 Release Date

When the sun was rising, Tanjiro, snake pillar and wind pillar was the three who currently fighting with Muzan. But when he saw the Sun he released shockwave again to free himself from everyone.

But Tanjiro is still in his position with the sword under Muzan’s mutated chest and his one hand is cut by Muzan’s shock wave.

Tanjiro is desperately trying to turn his sword red so he can cut Muzan in half. You must know that he has now only one hand remained and he is putting every strength into that one hand to turn it red.

But nothing happened, then water pillar Gyuki arrived and he supported Tanjiro. Gyuki also only one hand.

Then Muzan did it again, he used one of his technique and turned into a giant baby to hide his real body under that baby’s flesh as a shield.

And Tanjiro is also consumed by that flesh and he is now under that baby flesh body, still grasping the sword.

Now the Muzan crawling transformed into baby crawling so he can escape the sunlight. His body still burning and each remained low ranked demon slayer trying to stop him.

But against Muzan’s giant baby body nothing working, then wind pillar stand up again and cut one of the wrists to immobilize Muzan.

In the meantime rock pillar also arrived and used his chains to corner Muzan.

As there is nowhere to go for Muzan he starts to dig the ground to go underground but guess what it also did not work.

Tanjito under that baby’s inner flesh still alive and cutting Muzan internally.

And from above pillars and Sunrays and destroying Muzan. In fact, in the next chapter 200 of Demon slayer, it is possible that he will die.

So, we confirm his death we have to wait till the next release of Kimestu no Yaiba chapter 200.

Demon Slayer chapter 200 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English Demon Slayer Manga Chapter 200 Release:

Demon slayer chapter 200 is going to officially release on Sunday, 29 March 2020. But it is possible that you can read demon slayer chapter 200 earlier as it’s raw scans and spoilers can leak before the official release.

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Kimestu No Yaiba Chapter 200 predictions,

There are still chances that Muzan can escape but in the end, he will die as the mangs on his climax.

After that, we can see Tanjiro and Nezuko’s emotional reunion that everybody is waiting.

Demon Slayer Chapter 200

OR here’s another prediction,

It is also possible when Muzan will on the edge of the death, his flashback will be shown like all-time when a major demon dying. Well, it’s just a prediction let me know your thoughts and what you think about this, in the comments.

Demon Slayer chapter 200 spoilers

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Where you can read Kimestu no yaiba Chapter 200

You can read demon slayer manga 200 officially on the viz media site. After release, this chapter also available on Mangaplus and Shonen Jump app.

You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on the official site to support them.

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That’s all guys, hope you like the article, if you loved this one then share it with your manga or anime lover friends. And don’t forget to comment below what you think and your predictions about Demon Slayer chapter 200.

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