Dragon Ball Super Chapter 52 Release Date and Where You Can Read it


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 52 Release Date: Dragon ball series one of the best anime series in the world. And now manga also proving itself very attractive from previous few chapters. Every fresh chapter is creating a new level of excitement for the next chapter among the fans.

Previous released Dragon ball super chapter 51 was also a great piece of work that creators drop down for fans and proved once again that they are putting all their hard work for making storyline as amazing and attractive as much as they can. So, let’s first talk about Dragon ball super chapter 51. What you will find it and trust me ending of this chapter will put you suspense that you will not able to hold yourself for the release of next Dragon ball super chapter 52.

Note: Dragon ball super chapter 51 major spoilers ahead in this article, so i suggest you to first read chapter 50. if you didn’t want to be spoiled then come back to this article.

You can read officially: Dragon ball super chapter 51 here

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 51

Chapter starts with a Planet, where all planet defeated by Moro’s minions and now ready for Moro so he can absorb all the planet energy.

Well i think that’s why Moro freed all those prisoners so they can find best full of energy planets for Moro. And now they are doing their job pretty good. They find planet, snatched their treasure and then call Moro for the final showdown.

This chapter also shows us that Moro’s spaceship is so fast that Moro destroy planets even before Galactic petrol get there or gets the signal.

After absorbing planet’s energy Moro is now fully recovered. He ask his minions to find other planet like this full of energy so he can make energy reserves and then send many of them in search of such planets in galaxy.

After this we got the scene of Galactic petrol, where Goku and others are arrived. we also got to see Buu. He is now in his normal form after the fight and currently sleeping.

In the meantime, Vegeta is heading toward to Planet Yardart. So he can learn some technics like instant transmission or may be others. But this will take time about 1 week to reach here.

Goku also decided to train with agent Merus of galactic petrol. So, he can master ultra instinct.

At the end of the chapter 51 reveals that during the battle of Goku, Vegeta vs Moro, one of Moro’s minions heard that Goku and Vegeta from Earth. So, they decided to go to the Planet Earth. And Vegeta finally reached at the Planet Yardrat. And here’s the chapter 51 ends!


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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 52 release date

Countdown time to Live English Dragon ball super Manga Chapter 52 Release:

Every new Dragon ball super manga chapter release on every 20th of the month, this Dragon ball super chapter 52 also going to be released on September 20, 2019. The scans can be out by August 18, 2019.

Where you can read Dragon ball super Chapter 52

You can read Dragon ball super chapter 52 officially on viz media’s site. You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on official site to support them.

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