Dragon Ball Super Chapter 53 Release Date, Predictions and Where You Can Read it


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 53 Release Date: After the Z series Dragon ball Super series one of the best anime series in the world. And now manga also proving itself very attractive from previous few chapters. Every fresh chapter is creating a new level of excitement for the next chapter among the fans.

Dragon ball super Chapter 53 release date


Previous released Dragon ball super chapter 52 was also a great piece of work that creators drop down for fans and proved once again that they are putting all their hard work for making story line as amazing and attractive as much as they can. So, let’s first talk about Dragon ball super chapter 52. What you will find it and trust me ending of this chapter will put you suspense that you will not able to hold yourself for the release of next Dragon ball super chapter 53.

Note: Dragon ball super chapter 52 major spoilers ahead in this article, so i suggest you to first read chapter 52. if you didn’t want to be spoiled then come back to this article.

You can read officially: Dragon ball super chapter 52 here

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 52 review

Chapter starts with Vegeta, finally he reached his destination at planet Yardrat. And there are so many Yardratians for welcoming them. But Vegeta did not want to waste any more time and he straightly asked for the Yardratians who trained Goku.

Then all Yardratians suddenly disappeared, actually they are the copies of a single one and this is also of the thrie’s ability.

This Yardratian take Vegata to their elder who taught Goku instant transmission.

There Elder tells Vegeta that everyone in planet Yardrat devote their time to learn only a single thing from birth and that is spirit control.

Goku and Vegata known this spirit control as chi.

After this, Elder shows him some of his spirit control techniques that most of fans know instant transmission and other techniques as well like making copies, giantification. He also showed Vegata his actual size which is very small.

Dragon ball super Chapter 53 release date

Then in the next page we got Goku, After few days of Vegata landed at planet Yardrat. Goku decided to travel another planet to train with Merus because at their Space HQ they cannot use their full power for training.

So many agents of galactic petrol are for gone to investigation on various planets and now galactic petrol are sort handed in staff. So they are seeking for warriors of universe 7 to recruit them as in emergency.

They are talking about Nemekian, who is no one but Piccolo.


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Currently Piccolo at earth, trying to make contact with new Nemek planet but they are unable to do it. And Piccolo told Dande that its useless because all the nemekians who are able to use telepathy are now dead. He also knew that something terrible happened in space thats why they are not able to contact them.

Then Piccolo noticed that someone coming to earth from space. These are three people and then Piccolo went to check them.

They are actually Moro’s minions who we have seen in previous chapter. And they heard that Goku and Vegata from Earth.

And now they come to the Earth. They are searching a spot to land their ship but they have no idea that Piccolo is waiting or them down there.

As they saw Piccolo they started to attack on Piccolo. But it totally waste. We alll know how strong Piccolo is. He easily managed to capture them. Then they trying to convince Piccolo with a lie that they are just passing Earth and never again come to this planet again.

Actually they are finding a way to get out from this situation and inform Moro about Planet Earth.

In the next page we seen Bulma, she’s at Dande place and got a call from Jacob (from galactic petrol). He told everyone that Planet Namek is dead now and same goes for many other planets across the galaxy.

Jacod told Dande and Bulma about the current situation and tell them to gather every warrior to fight.

He Also told them to be on alerts because some to Moro’s scout are now searching planets for Moro’s meal and Earth can also be one of them.

Dande asked Jacob how they will identify them. Jacob gave them specifications that they will travel in 2 or 3’d group on a thin ship.

Now Dande in shock, the specifications that on basis of Jacob provided, one of Moro’s squad already on Earth. And currently Piccolo is fighting with them.

After that it’s shown that Piccolo convinced with Moro’s scout words and decided to free them with a warning to never back to Earth.

As this scout was ready to leave the earth, Dande and Bulma managed to reach in time. They saw something flying and Dande tells Piccolo wih his telepathy to stop them. These are people who destroyed Nemek and other planets.

Piccolo used his ki blast and blasted their ship but its too late they sent the massage about planet earth to their other members and its only a matter of time until they Moro come to this Planet. On the other hand Moro got the message and sent his powerful scout for verifying the strength of planet they searched.

Dragon ball super Chapter 53 release date

In the end of the chapter, Goku and Merus started their training to achieve ultra instinct but not able to get the hints how he can do that. Somehow Merus know about ultra instinct and how can Goku master it.

He take Goku to time chamber just like one in Earth. But here’s one day in this chamber is only gives them three days not a year like on planet Earth.

Merus told Goku to use his full power and its not going easy for him and here’s dragon ball super chatper 52 ends!

Next Dragon ball super chapter 53 reveal us, who will come to earth and how strong they will be, How much time its going take Goku and Vegeta to mastered the techniques they are seeking. Let’s for the release for Dragon ball super chapter 53.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 53 release date

Countdown time to Live English Dragon ball super Manga Chapter 53 Release:

Every new Dragon ball super manga chapter release on every 20th of the month, this Dragon ball super chapter 53 also going to be released on October 20, 2019. You can read Dragon ball super chapter 53 before as scans can be out by October 18, 2019.

Where you can read Dragon ball super Chapter 53

You can read Dragon ball super chapter 53 officially on viz media’s site. You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on official site to support them.

That’s all guys, hope you like the article, if you loved this one then share it with your manga or anime lover friends. And don’t forget to comment below what you think and your predictions about Dragon ball super chapter 53.


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