Dragon Ball Super Chapter 56 Release Date, Predictions and Where You Can Read it

Dragon ball super chapter 56 release date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 56 Release Date: As Dragon ball super manga heading to its battle between Goku and Vegeta vs Moro, it’s chapters are getting more and more interesting.

dragon ball super manga chapter 56 release date

Recently, Chapter 55 launched and it is another amazing chapter from the manga. It revealed my great events and proved that makers putting all their efforts to make Dragon super manga as amazing as possible as they can.

This chapter turns all rumours true about Meerus and showed Vegeta’s increased powers. And after reading this chapter you can’t wait for the release of Dragon ball super chapter 56.

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Attention please, there are major spoilers of chapter 55 ahead in the post and if you don’t get spoiled before reading it then I suggest you to stop reading here.

But if you already read that chapter and now want to know the release date of dragon ball super manga chapter 56 then we welcome you.

You can officially read Dragon ball super manga here

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 55 review

The chapter started from Zeno place, where Whis talking to Grand priest about Meerus.

Here, Grand Priest clarifies that Meerus is a trainee angle of his and he sent him to universe 7 to learn about some things so he broadens his thoughts about good and evil.

Dragon ball super manga chapter 56 read online
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Angels have to follow a single law that is more important than anything else. Which are they can’t take the side of good or evil because it can unbalance the power/peace of the universe.

Whis decided to take the matter of Meerus and left for the place where Meerus and Goku currently training.

Meanwhile, in Yardrat planet, as Vegeta still training and now his spirit power more polished than Goku. Now it’s time for Vegeta to learn Yardratians some abilities.

Then Master Pybara did something amazing that put Vegeta as well all of the readers. He healed Vegeta just using his spirit power, just like senzu beans do.

Vegeta wished to learn that move but according to master Pybara, it’s still too early for him.

But then some minions of Moro army came to this planet and started to create havoc on all the place.

Vegeta reached there and here we can see his increased strength when he raises a finger to warn those bad guys but instead a big energy ball shoot to them.

Even Vegeta was surprised!

Master Pybara arrived at the spot and gave the explanation to Vegeta, the reason for his such destructive power.

After that Vegeta defeated all of them in no time.

Here he also learned that Moro is on his way to devour Planet Earth.

When they try to escape, they got dead by their own attack in the end.

On the other side of the Galaxy, Moro sensed Vegeta’s increased strength and before to heading Earth, he wants to stock up power as much as he can. So he started to devour more planets on the way.

In the ending pages, Meerus and Goku are shown as they training and just a little time left. So they decided to use their full powers.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 56 release date

When Meerus is just about to use all his angel powers, Whis came there and stop them. As we all know if Meerus used his angel powers to train Goku. He will be punished by the grand priest.

But Whis handled the situation. And told everything about Meerus and Angel laws.

Then they left and now Goku all alone to go home. But the funny thing is he asked to whis come back he doesn’t know to fly the stuff on which Meerus and he arrived this place.

Well, we know, how Goku going back, hint Instant transmission.

And chapter 55 ends here!

Predictions for Dragon ball super chapter 56,

Now it is revealed that Meerus is an angle, we sure that he can’t be a part of the battle against Moro.

In the next chapter, we can see Vegeta training is completed, learned many great kinds of stuff including instant transmission and he will at planet earth with Goku. Moro will arrive at Earth that time and battle will start.

But it’s just a mere prediction, let’s see what dragon ball super chapter 56 had for us.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 56 release date

Countdown time left to Dragon ball super Manga Chapter 56 Release:

Dragon ball super manga chapter 56 going to release on Monday, 20 January 2020. You can read Dragon ball super chapter 56 before as scans can be out by January 19, 2019.

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Where you can read Chapter 56

You can read Dragon ball super chapter 56 officially on viz media’s site. You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on the official site to support them.

That’s all guys, hope you like the article, if you loved this one then share it with your manga or anime lover friends. And don’t forget to comment below what you think and your predictions about Dragon ball super chapter 56.



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