Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 Release Date, Scans and Where You Can Read it

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 Release Date: Dragon ball super chapter 57 just released last month and one of the best chapter in the entire manga. Goku finally arrived on the earth. dragon ball super chapter 57 release date

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Like it’s predecessor series, Dragon ball super manga also getting crazy chapter after chapter. Every chapter is so hyped that fans just cannot able to wait for the next chapter release. And chapter 58 doesn’t break this trend.

This is proof of Akira Sensai and Toyotaro’s hard work as they are giving their best to make the manga as awesome and enjoyable as they can.

In the previous chapter, furious battles began all around the globe between Earth’s warriors and Moro’s minions.

Bulma, Chichi and others watching these fights from Dende’s watchtower via screens and above this watchtower, Moro’s spaceship hovering.

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Somewhere, Kuririn fighting one of Moro men. it’s like he is having a hard time against him. But then he used his signature move Destructo disc then after images and final attack Kamehameha for defeating him.

Then he heard Master Roshi’s voice so, he went for checking him. Master Roshi fighting with 3 galactic criminal girls. And we know girls are weakness for Master Roshi.

After this, the scene changed to Tien and Chatsu, they are fighting with a metal bot and there’s the only way to defeat him ‘by insulting him’, so Chatsu took the lead and insulted him in a way that his mind is blown away.

The scene back to Master Roshi, he also found a way to fight those girls, covering his eyes so he cannot see their body during the fight.

And guess what, he’s winning against those 3 girls.

But girls have also an ace under their sleeve “fusion” but it’s the first time we witnessed fusion between 3 people. Otherwise mostly it’s between 2 individuals.

After fusing into one their power skyrocketed and single-handed they blow some attacks Kuririn and Master Roshi.

Watching all his fighters defeating, Moro decided to land on the surface, as android 17, 18 and Gohan brutally defeating 73. And when 73 about to lose Moro came there and switched to him.

Now he’s gonna fight with Androids, Gohan and Piccolo. But again his minion Saganbo showed and requested to let him fight.

Moro agreed and gave him his little power. His power gone so up that easily he able to face all them at once.

On the other side, after defeating Metal bot Tien reached to Yamcha for helping him. Kuririn and Roshi also losing. So, Kuririn thought of using his last power as to map line for Goku.

And he used his all power and in middle of space, Goku felt the chi and finally arrived on Earth on the right time as the Kuririn was about to killed.

But Goku arrived at the last moment and saved him.

And this Dragon ball super chapter ended here!

Predictions for Dragon ball super chapter 58,

Goku arrived on Earth and there’s no way that Moro did not notice it, he’s going to cut the chase and will himself participate in the fight.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 Release Date

And when he was about to kill or absorb everyone’s energy Goku will stop him. Then we will see the epic fight between Goku and Moro and the result of Goku’s training with Meerus (an angel).

Vegeta is training and soon he will also arrive with some big surprises but it’s still some time for it and for now let’s see what Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 will show us.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 58 Release Date

Countdown time left to Dragon ball super Manga Chapter 58 Release:

Dragon ball super chapter 58 is going to release on Friday, 20 February 2020. You will able to read Dragon ball super chapter 58 when the count down hits zero online on official sites.

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Where you can read Chapter 58

You can read Dragon ball super chapter 58 officially on viz media’s site. You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on the official site to support them.

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Quick Information

Did Vegeta mastered instant transmission?

When master Pybara told Vegeta that he should hurry as Moro is reached there and his army already started fighting. But Vegeta ignores that and told him to let try an unknown technique one more time.

This event is enough to tell us that Vegeta already mastered instant transmission and now learning even more advanced technique.
When Will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 will release?

Chapter 58 is going to release on March 2020, Please check out the post for the official release date.

Did Goku and Vegeta Arrive on Earth?

Only Goku arrived on Earth but Vegeta still away from Earth.

Did Moro arrive on Earth?

Yes, he arrived on earth and his army fighting with earth’s warriors.



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