Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 Release date


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 Release date: The Dragon Ball manga series has been running for over 35 years, but it still manages to break the internet when a new chapter arrives. The same thing happened last week, and now fans are looking forward to Dragon Ball Chapter 72. Well, the new outing is expected to finally resolve the cliffhanger. The Granolah the Survivor arc will continue as the antagonist seeks revenge.

Granolah is now the strongest hunter in the universe. Therefore, it will certainly be difficult for both Goku and Vegeta to deal with him. They don’t even know about Granolah’s existence so far, but it is likely that the latter will introduce itself in the upcoming issue. So, when will the new chapter come out? Here are all the final details.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72: Plot Details!

Granolah already harbored a grudge against Freiza for the death of his people 50 years ago. After becoming the strongest fighter, he formed an alliance with the heeters. However, the latter also has other plans for him. Macki has given him false information about Goku and Vegeta. This includes telling him that they have worked for Freiza and that they are also heading this way.

Now, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72, fans are finally seeing the highly anticipated showdown between Granolah, Goku and Vegeta. It is likely that Granolah will start fighting with them without even listening to anything, due to all the misunderstandings. The fight will certainly be intense, as all three are way too strong. Goku and Vegeta have also completed their final training and are excited to use their newfound powers.

Dragon Ball Chapter 72

Previous chapter Summary!

The title of the previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super was ‘The Heeters Plan’. In it, viewers saw, Granolah convinced the rulers that he can now defeat Freiza because he is the strongest hunter in the universe. As a result, they both formed an alliance. However, the rulers created a misunderstanding and told Granolah that Goku and Vegeta are working for Freiza. On the other hand, Whis Goku showed a real difference between Angels and Saiyans. He revealed that angels are always in Ultra Instinct mode, while Saiyans have to transform into it. On top of that, Whis suddenly felt a strong presence and revealed that Goku and Vegeta need to train even harder because something bad is about to happen soon.

Dragon Ball Chapter 72

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 Release date

Fans are very excited and can’t wait to see Goku and Vegeta compete against Granolah in the upcoming issue. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 is set to release on Thursday, May 20, 2021. Readers can expect to see leaked spoilers and raw scans three to four days before release.

Granolah Coming For His Revenge! Release Date & Plot
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