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The teaser for Let Them Breathe has been released!

What happens when there’s been a zombie apocalypse? What happens when years, decades go by until finally a cure is discovered? Let Them Breathe, an animation created and animated by Candice Rogers, will tell the story of just that.

The character shown in the teaser, 5, is asked to assist with the remaining infected population; his goal along with the others who will be assisting him is to cure the remaining zombies.

Thanks to shows like The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, From Dusk to Dawn, and even now, The Last of Us HBO series, there are many die-hard fans of the zombie genre. Even though Let Them Breathe has a similar theme to these other shows, one thing that will allow it to stand on its own, is the fact humanity has hope.

Finding a cure is always the question and mission for many zombie content, now that a cure has been found, one can only imagine the new conflicts that will surely arise. Since society has fallen, many groups, tribes, and clans will try to claim power; old governments will try to regain power.

Let Them Breathe is a pilot making its way to film festivals such as “Austin Film Festival and Atlanta Film Festiva“.

What will happen if the show isn’t picked up?

here’s the tweet

“The goal is for it to be picked up and turned into a show. I’m new in the market though so of course, it may not happen,” Rogers states. “That’s cool. I have no problem turning it into a web series because its still a story plot I’d like to explore!”

Another thing that may hinder the pilot from getting picked up is the ongoing Covid-19 situation. Many events and gatherings have been canceled due to the virus’ spread. The story has real potential to gain a following as well as the animation style. Although the animation was not done by an actual Japanese anime studio, the animation style was heavily influenced by the genre.

Rogers tells us her reasoning behind the style, “I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Sailor Moon and was always in awe with the design and realism yet still cartoon-yish of the characters. Then when shows like Totally Spies, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spider-Riders, Cody Lyoko, and even The Boondocks came about, I learned there were just as many westerners who also loved the animation style!”

The pilot episode has already been animated, and it won’t find out the results of the festivals until September for Austin. For Atlanta Film Festival, the results won’t be in until February of 2021. It is anyone’s guess whether or not the pilot has a chance. Yes, the teaser leaves us wanting more and desiring just what this world will be made of, the reality of it is, we really won’t know until by the end of this year! It’s a long wait especially for many zombie fans on the search for new content. Until, curious readers and potential fans can follow Mutts Presents on Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram to stay in the know of Let Them Breathe!

Media Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4P4Dk8c63w

& Austin film festival and atlanta film festival


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