My Hero Academia Chapter 274 Release Date & Where you can read it

My Hero Academia Chapter 275 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 274 Release Date: Boku no hero academia manga series getting more and more intense and exciting chapter after chapter. every chapter creating so much hype among fans that they can’t able to hold themself for the next chapter to get released.

And previously released chapter 273 also the proof of that, even the creator himself gave the statement that he wants to turn My hero academia manga into a big series like One Piece.

My Hero Academia Chapter 274 release date

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Shigaraki awakens within his destructive power and this chapter is about his new powers. So let’s start with a recap of chapter 273 and what you will find in it.

Spoiler warning: Many spoilers ahead in the post and if you don’t want to get spoiled before reading chapter 273 then please stop here or skip the recap section.

Read My hero academia chapter 273 officially here

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 273 recap…

Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto running at full speed from the crumbling that approaching towards them.

All buildings, roads every material that comes in the way of that wave of destruction is turning into dust.

Midoriya remembers the time when Shigaraki holds his neck and told him when he touches his neck with all five fingers his neck will begin to crumble (start to turn into dust) from inside to outside.

Thus he realized that it was due to Shigaraki.

Shoto tried to stop that crumbling wave with his wall of ice but guess what? nothing working.

Everything that coming in the way turning into dust no matter what element is that. Really it feels like Shigaraki is a superhuman among the people who have superpowers.

Everyone trying to escape and thinking about the team that was in the hospital.

Then scene change to Shigaraki, he was alone standing, He understands the situation and called  Mechia to bring everyone towards him.

At the Gauga mountain villa, Dark shadow able to save Hawks but the whole villa covered by ice and Villians are in that villa so heroes have to make a way through the ice to capture them.

Then we saw two heroes on the side one asked another one about his trail on Himiko Toga and Compress.

At the moment that hero started to slicing other heroes. Actually it was Toga who was transformed into that hero so she can keep an eye by remained one of them.

When Dabi came to ask Compress about others. Compress also confirmed that after the death of Twice, Togo decided about this suicide mission.

Then the scene again changed back to Shigaraki. Where Endeavour is about to attack him.

But before we can see more about this fight, this chapter ended here.

What a drag, now we have to wait for the next week until Boku no hero academia chapter 274 release.

My Hero Academia Chapter 274 predictions

May there is a chance that other heroes also survive that crumbling the way that Endeavour survived.

But only Endeavour in the form to attack Shigaraki.

So there is a chance that others will also appear soon. Maybe they are seeking for a free spot or maybe they will appear when Endeavour about to die.

let’s wait and see what my hero academia chapter 274 hold for us.

My Hero Academia Chapter 274 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English My hero academia Manga Chapter 274 Release:

My Hero Academia chapter 253 is going to release on Sunday, 7 June 2020. But you can read my hero academia chapter 274 as it scans will be shown 2-3 days earlier than the official release date.

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Where you can read My hero academia Chapter 274

My Hero Academia Chapter 274 Release Date


You can read Boku no hero academia manga 274 officially on the viz media site. After release, this chapter also available on Mangaplus and Shonen Jump app.

There are also many official and legal sited to read manga, read below post to know about them

Mangastream & Mangakakalot Alternatives to Read Manga Legally

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