Naruto Shippuden Filler List – Naruto Shippuden Anime Guide

Naruto shippuden filler list

Naruto Shippuden Filler List: Naruto Shippuden is the second part of Naruto series that takes place after timeskip. This series is more amazing than Naruto part 1 as we see developed and explore more characters, adventure from Naruto world.

Naruto Shippuden started to air from 2007 to 2017 and gave fans an enjoyable, excitable and emotional journey of 10 years. Until 2017 it aired total 500 episodes (not included Naruto 250 episodes).

Naruto shippuden filler list

After 3 years timeskip, Naruto comes back to hidden after his training with master Jiraya.

And began his journey to gain back his friend Sasuke from Orochimaru grasp and against Akatsuki evil plans.

Naruto Shippuden has more episodes than of it’s part 1 Naruto, so more filler episodes.

In this 500 episodes, 204 episodes are fillers that make 41% of the total of series. Now you knew why you need to read this post before the start watching the series.

These fillers disturb anime fans as they put them off from original storyline and irritate. (note, not all fillers are so bad).

But still, most anime watchers want to skip Naruto Shippuden filler episodes. That’s why we created this “Naruto Shippuden filler list” to help out those fans!

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Quick Naruto Shippuden Filler list

Only Fillers: Episode 28, 57-71, 90-112, 144-151, 170-171, 176-196, 223-242, 257-260, 271, 279-281, 284-295, 303-320, 347-361, 376-377, 389-390, 394-413, 416, 422-423, 427-450, 464-469, and episodes from 480 to 483.

Canon Mixed with Fillers: Episode 1-19, 24-25, 45, 49-50, 54, 56, 89, 115, 127-128, 213, 324, 327-328, 330-331, 338, 346, 385-386, 388, 417, 419, 426, 451-458, 460-462, 471-472, 478-479, and episodes from 484 to 500.

Remaining episodes are canon and go according to the original manga storyline. We mentioned Naruto Shippuden canon arc episodes below in the article, don’t forget to check that out!

Naruto Shippuden Filler List

Below is the full list of Naruto Shippuden filler episodes with canon episodes, by following this list you will know which episode you need to watch or which one you should skip.

Please note, we mentioned Canon episodes that are combined with filler episodes as ‘MIX‘.

Episode. Title of Episode Type
1 Homecoming MIX
2 The Akatsuki Makes Its Move MIX
3 The Results of Training MIX
4 The Jinchuriki of the Sand MIX
5 The Kazekage Stands Tall MIX
6 Mission Cleared MIX
7 Run, Kankuro MIX
8 Team Kakashi, Deployed MIX
9 The Jinchuriki’s Tears CANON
10 Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons CANON
11 The Medical Ninja’s Student MIX
12 The Retired Granny’s Determination CANON
13 A Meeting With Destiny CANON
14 Naruto’s Growth CANON
15 The Secret Weapon is Called MIX
16 The Secret of Jinchuriki MIX
17 The Death of Gaara! CANON
18 Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry!! CANON
19 Traps Activate! Team Guy’s Enemies MIX
20 Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi! CANON
21 Sasori’s Real Face CANON
22 Chiyo’s Secret Skills CANON
23 Father and Mother CANON
24 The Third Kazekage MIX
25 Three Minutes Between Life and Death MIX
26 Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100! CANON
27 Impossible Dream CANON
28 Beasts! Alive Again! MIX
29 Kakashi Enlightened! CANON
30 Aesthetics of an Instant CANON
31 The Legacy! CANON
32 Return of the Kazekage CANON
33 The New Target CANON
34 Formation! New Team Kakashi! CANON
35 An Unnecessary Addition CANON
36 The Fake Smile CANON
37 Untitled CANON
38 Simulation CANON
39 The Tenchi Bridge CANON
40 Nine-Tails Unleashed CANON
41 The Top-Secret Mission Begins CANON
42 Orochimaru vs. Jinchuriki CANON
43 Sakura’s Tears CANON
44 The Secret of the Battle! CANON
45 The Consequences of Betrayal CANON
46 The Unfinished Page CANON
47 Infiltration: The Den of the Snake! CANON
48 Bonds CANON
49 Something Important… MIX
50 The Picture Book’s Story MIX
51 Reunion CANON
52 The Power of the Uchiha CANON
53 Title CANON
54 Nightmare MIX
55 Wind CANON
56 Squirming MIX
57 Robbed of Sleep FILLER
58 Loneliness FILLER
59 A New Enemy FILLER
60 Impermanence FILLER
61 Contact FILLER
62 Teammate FILLER
63 The Two Kings FILLER
64 The Jet-Black Signal Fire FILLER
65 Lockdown of Darkness FILLER
66 Revived Souls FILLER
67 Everyone’s Struggle to the Death FILLER
68 Moment of Awakening FILLER
69 Despair FILLER
70 Resonance FILLER
71 My Friend MIX
72 The Quietly Approaching Threat CANON
73 Akatsuki’s Invasion CANON
74 Under the Starry Sky CANON
75 The Old Monk’s Prayer CANON
76 The Next Step CANON
77 Climbing Silver CANON
78 The Judgment CANON
79 Unfulfilled Scream CANON
80 Last Words CANON
81 Sad News CANON
82 Team Ten CANON
83 Target: Locked On CANON
84 Kakuzu’s Abilities CANON
85 Terrifying Secret CANON
86 Shikamaru’s Genius CANON
87 When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own Grave CANON
88 Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken! CANON
89 The Price of Power MIX
90 A Shinobi’s Determination MIX
91 Orochimaru’s Hideout Discovered FILLER
92 Encounter MIX
93 Connecting Hearts MIX
94 A Night of Rain FILLER
95 The Two Charms FILLER
96 The Unseeing Enemy FILLER
97 The Labyrinth of Distorted Reflection FILLER
98 The Target Appears FILLER
99 The Rampaging Tailed Beast FILLER
100 Inside the Mist FILLER
101 Everyone’s Feelings FILLER
102 Regroup! FILLER
103 The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier FILLER
104 Breaking the Crystal Style FILLER
105 The Battle Over the Barrier FILLER
106 Red Camellia FILLER
107 Strange Bedfellows FILLER
108 Guidepost of the Camellia FILLER
109 Cursed Seal Counterattack FILLER
110 Memory of Guilt FILLER
111 Shattered Promise FILLER
112 A Place to Return To MIX
113 The Serpent’s Pupil CANON
114 Eye of a Hawk CANON
115 Zabuza’s Blade MIX
116 Guardian of the Iron Wall CANON
117 Jugo of the Northern Hideout CANON
118 Formation! CANON
119 Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy’s Life on the Battlefield, Part 1 CANON
120 Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy’s Life on the Battlefield, Part 2 CANON
121 Assemble CANON
122 The Hunt CANON
123 Clash! CANON
124 Art CANON
125 Disappearance CANON
126 Twilight CANON
127 Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 1 MIX
128 Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2 MIX
129 Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain CANON
130 The Man Who Became God CANON
131 Honoured Sage Mode! CANON
132 In Attendance, the Six Paths of Pain CANON
133 The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant CANON
134 Banquet Invitation CANON
135 The Longest Moment CANON
136 The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo Sharingan CANON
137 Amaterasu! CANON
138 The End CANON
139 The Mystery of Tobi CANON
140 Fate CANON
141 Truth CANON
142 Battle of Unraikyo CANON
143 The Eight-Tails vs. Sasuke CANON
144 Wanderer FILLER
145 The successor of the Forbidden Jutsu FILLER
146 The Successor’s Wish FILLER
147 Rogue Ninja’s Past FILLER
148 Heir to Darkness FILLER
149 Separation FILLER
150 The Forbidden Jutsu Released FILLER
151 Master and Student FILLER
152 Sombre News CANON
153 Following the Master’s Shadow CANON
154 Decryption CANON
155 The First Challenge CANON
156 Surpassing the Master CANON
157 Assault on the Leaf Village! CANON
158 Power to Believe CANON
159 Pain vs. Kakashi CANON
160 Mystery of Pain CANON
161 Surname Is Sarutobi. Given Name, Konohamaru! CANON
162 Pain to the World CANON
163 Explode! Sage Mode CANON
164 Danger! Sage Mode Limit Reached CANON
165 Nine-Tails, Captured! CANON
166 Confession CANON
167 Planetary Devastation CANON
168 The Fourth Hokage CANON
169 The Two Students CANON
170 Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage’s Legacy – Part 1 FILLER
171 Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage’s Legacy – Part 2 FILLER
172 Meeting CANON
173 Origin of Pain CANON
174 Tale of Naruto Uzumaki CANON
175 Hero of the Hidden Leaf CANON
176 Rookie Instructor Iruka MIX
177 Iruka’s Ordeal FILLER
178 Iruka’s Decision MIX
179 Kakashi Hatake, The Jonin in Charge MIX
180 Inari’s Courage Put to the Test MIX
181 Naruto’s School of Revenge MIX
182 Gaara’s Bond FILLER
183 Naruto: Outbreak FILLER
184 Deploy! Team Tenten FILLER
185 Animal District FILLER
186 Ah, the Medicine of Youth FILLER
187 Gutsy Master and Student: The Training FILLER
188 Record of the Ninja Gutsy Master and Student FILLER
189 Sasuke’s Paw Encyclopedia FILLER
190 Naruto and the Old Soldier FILLER
191 Kakashi Love Song FILLER
192 Neji Chronicles FILLER
193 The Man Who Died Twice FILLER
194 The Worst Three-Legged Race FILLER
195 Team 10’s Teamwork FILLER
196 Drive Towards Darkness FILLER
197 The Sixth Hokage Danzo CANON
198 Five Kage Summit’s Eve CANON
199 Enter the Five Kage! CANON
200 Naruto’s Plea CANON
201 Painful Decision CANON
202 Racing Lightning CANON
203 Sasuke’s Ninja Way CANON
204 Power of the Five Kage CANON
205 Declaration of War CANON
206 Sakura’s Feelings CANON
207 The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed Beast CANON
208 As One’s Friend CANON
209 Danzo’s Right Arm CANON
210 The Forbidden Visual Jutsu CANON
211 Danzo Shimura CANON
212 Sakura’s Resolve CANON
213 Lost Bonds CANON
214 The Burden CANON
215 Two Fates CANON
216 High-Level Shinobi CANON
217 The Infiltrator CANON
218 The Five Great Nations Mobilize CANON
219 Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage CANON
220 Prophecy of the Great Lord Elder CANON
221 Storage CANON
222 The Five Kage’s Decision CANON
223 The Young Man and the Sea FILLER
224 The Ninja of Benisu FILLER
225 The Cursed Ghost Ship FILLER
226 Battleship Island FILLER
227 The Forgotten Island FILLER
228 Fight! Rock Lee! FILLER
229 Eat or Die! Mushrooms from Hell! FILLER
230 Revenge of the Shadow Clones FILLER
231 The Closed Route FILLER
232 The Girls’ Get-Together FILLER
233 Naruto’s Imposter FILLER
234 Naruto’s Favorite Pupil FILLER
235 The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko Village FILLER
236 Friends You Can Count On FILLER
237 Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade! FILLER
238 Sai’s Day Off FILLER
239 The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho FILLER
240 Kiba’s Determination FILLER
241 Kakashi, My Eternal Rival! FILLER
242 Naruto’s Vow FILLER
243 Land Ahoy! Is this the Paradise Island? CANON
244 Killer Bee and Motoi CANON
245 The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. The Nine Tails CANON
246 The Orange Spark CANON
247 Target: Nine Tails CANON
248 The Fourth Hokage’s Death Match! CANON
249 Thank You CANON
250 Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs. The Monster! CANON
251 The Man Named Kisame CANON
252 The Angelic Herald of Death CANON
253 The Bridge to Peace CANON
254 The Super Secret S-Rank Mission CANON
255 The Artist Returns CANON
256 Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces! CANON
257 Meeting FILLER
258 Rivals FILLER
259 Rift FILLER
260 Parting FILLER
261 For My Friend CANON
262 War Begins CANON
263 Sai and Shin CANON
264 The Secret of the Reanimation Jutsu CANON
265 An Old Nemesis Returns CANON
266 The First and Last Opponent CANON
267 The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden Leaf CANON
268 Battleground! CANON
269 No-Good Words CANON
270 Golden Bonds CANON
271 Road to Sakura FILLER
272 Mifune vs. Hanzo CANON
273 True Kindness CANON
274 The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation! CANON
275 A Message from the Heart CANON
276 Attack of the Gedo Statue CANON
277 Unison Sign CANON
278 Medic Ninja in Danger CANON
279 White Zetsu’s Trap FILLER
280 Aesthetics of an Artist FILLER
281 The Allied Mom Force!! FILLER
282 The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team! CANON
283 Two Suns CANON
284 The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino! FILLER
285 User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand! FILLER
286 Things You Can’t Get Back FILLER
287 One Worth Betting On FILLER
288 Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru! FILLER
289 The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo! FILLER
290 Power – Episode 1 FILLER
291 Power – Episode 2 FILLER
292 Power – Episode 3 FILLER
293 Power – Episode 4 FILLER
294 Power – Episode 5 FILLER
295 Power – Final Episode FILLER
296 Naruto Enters the Battle! CANON
297 A Father’s Hope, A Mother’s Love CANON
298 Contact! Naruto vs. Itachi CANON
299 The Acknowledged One CANON
300 The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and The Mirage CANON
301 Paradox CANON
302 Terror: The Steam Imp CANON
303 Ghosts from the Past FILLER
304 The Underworld Transfer Jutsu FILLER
305 The Vengeful FILLER
306 The Heart’s Eye FILLER
307 Fade into the Moonlight FILLER
308 Night of the Crescent Moon FILLER
309 An A-Rank Mission: The Contest FILLER
310 The Fallen Castle FILLER
311 The prologue of Road to Ninja MIX
312 The Old Master and the Dragon’s Eye FILLER
313 Rain Followed by Snow, with Some Lightning FILLER
314 The Sad Sun Shower FILLER
315 Lingering Snow FILLER
316 The Reanimated Allied Forces FILLER
317 Shino vs. Torune! FILLER
318 A Hole in the Heart: The Other Jinchuriki FILLER
319 The Living Soul Inside the Puppet FILLER
320 Run, Omoi! FILLER
321 Reinforcements Arrive CANON
322 Madara Uchiha CANON
323 The Five Kage Assemble CANON
324 The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble MIX
325 Jinchūriki vs. Jinchūriki!! CANON
326 Four Tails, the King of Sage Monkeys CANON
327 Nine Tails MIX
328 Kurama MIX
329 Two-Man Team CANON
330 The Promise of Victory MIX
331 Eyes That See in the Dark MIX
332 A Will of Stone CANON
333 The Risks of the Reanimation Jutsu CANON
334 Sibling Tag Team CANON
335 To Each Their Own Leaf CANON
336 Kabuto Yakushi CANON
337 The Izanami Activated CANON
338 Izanagi and Izanami MIX
339 I Will Love You Always CANON
340 Reanimation Jutsu: Release CANON
341 Orochimaru’s Return CANON
342 The Secret of the Transportation Technique CANON
343 Who Are You? CANON
344 Obito and Madara CANON
345 I’m in Hell CANON
346 World of Dreams MIX
347 Creeping Shadow FILLER
348 The New Akatsuki MIX
349 The Mask That Hides the Heart FILLER
350 Minato’s Death MIX
351 Hashirama’s Cells MIX
352 The Rogue Ninja: Orochimaru FILLER
353 Orochimaru’s Test Subject FILLER
354 Their Own Paths FILLER
355 The Targeted Sharingan FILLER
356 A Shinobi of the Leaf FILLER
357 An Uchiha Anbu FILLER
358 Coup d’État FILLER
359 The Night of the Tragedy FILLER
360 Jonin Leader FILLER
361 Team 7 FILLER
362 Kakashi’s Resolve CANON
363 The Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu CANON
364 The Ties That Bind CANON
365 Those Who Dance in the Shadows CANON
366 The All-Knowing CANON
367 Hashirama and Madara CANON
368 Era of Warring States CANON
369 My True Dream CANON
370 Sasuke’s Answer CANON
371 Hole CANON
372 Something to Fill the Hole CANON
373 Team 7, Assemble! CANON
374 The New Three-Way Deadlock CANON
375 Kakashi vs. Obito CANON
376 The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails FILLER
377 Naruto vs. Mecha Naruto FILLER
378 The Ten-Tails’ Jinchuriki CANON
379 An Opening CANON
380 The Day Naruto Was Born CANON
381 The Divine Tree CANON
382 A Shinobi’s Dream CANON
383 Pursuing Hope CANON
384 A Heart Filled With Comrades CANON
385 Obito Uchiha MIX
386 I’m Always Watching MIX
387 The Promise That Was Kept CANON
388 My First Friend MIX
389 The Adored Elder Sister FILLER
390 Hanabi’s Decision FILLER
391 Madara Uchiha Arises CANON
392 The Hidden Heart CANON
393 A True Ending CANON
394 The New Chunin Exams FILLER
395 The Chunin Exams Begin! FILLER
396 The Three Questions FILLER
397 One Worthy As A Leader FILLER
398 The Night Before the Second Exam FILLER
399 Demon Desert Survival FILLER
400 As a Taijutsu User FILLER
401 The Ultimate FILLER
402 Escape vs. Pursuit FILLER
403 Unwavering Gutsiness FILLER
404 Tenten’s Troubles FILLER
405 The Imprisoned Pair FILLER
406 The Place Where I Belong FILLER
407 The Yamanaka Clan: Secret Ninjutsu FILLER
408 The Cursed Puppet FILLER
409 Their Backs FILLER
410 The Hidden Plot Set Into Motion FILLER
411 The Targeted Tailed Beast FILLER
412 Neji’s Judgement FILLER
413 Hopes Entrusted to the Future FILLER
414 On the Brink of Death CANON
415 The Two Mangekyo CANON
416 The Formation of Team Minato FILLER
417 You’ll Be My Backup MIX
418 The Blue Beast vs Six Paths Madara CANON
419 Papa’s Youth MIX
420 The Eight Inner Gates Formation CANON
421 The Sage of the Six Paths CANON
422 The Ones Who Will Inherit FILLER
423 Naruto’s Rival FILLER
424 To Rise Up CANON
425 The Infinite Dream CANON
426 The Infinite Tsukuyomi MIX
427 To the Dreamworld MIX
428 Where Tenten Belongs FILLER
429 Killer Bee Rappuden: Part 1 FILLER
430 Killer Bee Rappuden: Part 2 FILLER
431 To See That Smile, Just One More Time FILLER
432 The Loser Ninja FILLER
433 The Search Mission FILLER
434 Team Jiraiya FILLER
435 Order of Priority FILLER
436 The Masked Man FILLER
437 The Sealed Power FILLER
438 The Rules or a Comrade FILLER
439 The Child of Prophecy FILLER
440 The Caged Bird FILLER
441 Returning Home FILLER
442 The Mutual Path FILLER
443 The Difference in Power FILLER
444 Leaving the Village FILLER
445 Pursuers FILLER
446 Collision FILLER
447 Another Moon FILLER
448 Comrade FILLER
449 The Shinobi Unite FILLER
450 Rival FILLER
451 Birth and Death MIX
452 The Genius MIX
453 The Pain of Living MIX
454 Shisui’s Request MIX
455 Moonlit Night MIX
456 The Darkness of the Akatsuki MIX
457 Partner MIX
458 Truth MIX
459 She of the Beginning CANON
460 Kaguya Otsutsuki MIX
461 Hagoromo and Hamura MIX
462 A Fabricated Past MIX
463 The No. 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja CANON
464 Ninshū: The Ninja Creed FILLER
465 Ashura and Indra FILLER
466 The Tumultuous Journey FILLER
467 Ashura’s Decision FILLER
468 The Successor FILLER
469 A Special Mission CANON
470 Connecting Thoughts CANON
471 The Two of Them…Always MIX
472 You Better… MIX
473 The Sharingan Revived CANON
474 Congratulations CANON
475 The Valley of the End CANON
476 The Final Battle CANON
477 Naruto and Sasuke CANON
478 The Unison Sign MIX
479 Naruto Uzumaki!! MIX
480 Naruto and Hinata FILLER
481 Sasuke and Sakura FILLER
482 Gaara and Shikamaru FILLER
483 Jiraiya and Kakashi FILLER
484 The Exploding Human MIX
485 Coliseum MIX
486 Fushin MIX
487 The Ketsuryugan MIX
488 The Last One MIX
489 The State of Affairs MIX
490 Dark Clouds MIX
491 Recklessness MIX
492 Cloud of Suspicion MIX
493 Dawn MIX
494 Naruto’s Wedding MIX
495 A Full-Powered Wedding Gift MIX
496 Steam and Food Pills MIX
497 The Kazekage’s Wedding Gift MIX
498 The Last Mission MIX
499 The Outcome of the Secret Mission MIX
500 The Message MIX

Naruto Shippuden Canon Episodes List

naruto shippuden canon list

Canon episodes are the episodes which help you stay connected with the storyline. And here are the canon episodes of Naruto Shippuden,

Kazakage Rescue Arc (Episodes 1-32)

Akatsuki hunting down the jinchirukis of tail beats for their mysterious evil. And we all know Gaara is the one-tail beast Shikaku’s jinchiruki. So Akatsuki members came to Suna village and kidnapped Kazakage Gaara.

The sand village asked the help of hidden village for a rescue mission of their Kazakage. This arc will show they will rescue Gaara fro Akatsuki.

The Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Arc (Episodes 33-53)

After defeating Akatsuki member Shisui Sakura and Naruto got some clue about Orochimaru. There’s a meeting between Akatsuki and their spy on Tenchi bridge and now when Sasori dead.

New team 7, prepared to attend this meeting so they can get some clue about Sasuke. This arc is sp intense that we saw first time Naruto in his Jinchiruki form fighting with Orochimaru.

And in the end of this arc, Naruto finally met with Sasuke. But he is now on the dark side and doesn’t hassle to kill anyone who gets in his way to revenge.

Akatsuki Suppression Arc (Episodes 72-88)

Akatsuki attacking on other villages and hunting jinchirukies. So, all villages decide to stop movements of Akatsuki.

This arc will show you their plans to stop Akatsuki.

Itachi Pursuit Arc (Episodes 113-126)

Sasuke killed Orochimaru and build his own team to get his revenge against Itachi. On the other hand, Naruto and others trying to stop Sasuke and get back him to village.

In this arc, you will the first fight of Sasuke vs Deidara after timeskip and how strong he is now.

Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant (Episodes 127-133)

This arc is also known as the Master’s prophecy and vengeance. This arc is about Jiraya’s kid of prophecy and investigation of Akatsuki’s leader Pain.

Finally, he located where Pian live and enters in the main village.

But Konan finds about Jiraya and told Pain about the intruder, This arc hold many events that are enough for surprising fans.

True identity of Pain, Kid of Prophecy, Jiraya’s past and a last brutal fight of Jiraya vs Pain.

Fated Battle Between Brothers (Episodes 134-143)

Finally, Sasuke finds Itachi and is about to get his revenge against him. But this turns out something else their fight begins.

This is forcing you to be a fan of Itachi and show you how amazing he is as a ninja and a big brother.

Pain’s Assault Arc (Episodes 152-175)

After the news that master Jiraya is dead, Naruto is so upset that he can’t think straight and locked himself in his apartment. But in his final movements Jiraya wrote some codes on a toad.

That only Naruto can encode as he was his student. And mount Moubuku Toad offers Naruto to learn the art of sage.

Meanwhile, Pain attacked hidden leaf village for hunting the nine tail beast.

Five Kage Summit (Episodes 197-214)

This arc takes place after the Pain defeated by Naruto. This arc also is known as the gathering of five kage. Kages are the head of five great nation like Hokage, Kazakage, Raikage etc.

They are here for Sasuke after he captured Killer bee (eight tail beast jinchiruki) and to stop Akatsuki.

But Tobi turns Sasuke against Danzo. So he attacked Five kage summit and fight with all of them at once.

At the end, Tobi which was in real Madara announced the fourth great war against five-nation.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown arc (Episodes 215-222 and 243-256)

This arc is about the preparation of five nations. After Madara announced fourth great war, all villages gathered to fight with him and decided to hide the last two Jinchiruki Naruto and Bee on an island.

Killer Bee offers Naruto to learn control on tailed beast power.

This arc has many great events that will shock you like Kabuto’s return, Sasuke tried to kill Sakura, Naruto vs Sasuke mini fight, Fifth Hokage awakens and Naruto’s meeting with his parents.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation Arc (Episodes 261-321)

In this arc, the fourth shinobi war begins. Kabuto used hidden justu to reanimate many great powerful warriors from the ninja world including dead Akatsuki members, seven swordsmen, jinchirukies and previous Kages.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax Arc (Episodes 322-75)

War reached to it’s climax when Itachi and Sasuke killed Kabuto and all Re animated justu dropped the reawaken warriors.

Sasuke also get the reason why his brother does all that stuffs just for the village. So Sasuke awakened Orochimaru so he can use his justu to call back the previous Hokage to answer Sasuke’s questions.

On the other hand, Madara got his all powers. And summoned ten tails.

Birth of the Ten-Tails’ Jinchūriki (Episodes 378-388, 391-393, 414-421, and 424-427)

In this arc, Madara almost killed everyone even Sasuke and Naruto. And finally got all the Tailed beasts and finally, ten tails appear.

And Obito becomes the Jinchiruki of Ten tails.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes Arc (Episodes 428-431, 450-451, 455, 458-468, and 470-479)

This is the last canon arc of the Naruto Shippuden. Madara was deceived by his black Zestu and as he was one who planned everything from all the centuries to bring back Kaguya Otsutuki.

Now she everyone is in the giant Tsukoyumi except team 7: Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura.

And this is on them seal Kaguya and bring everything into normal.

This arc ends with the final battle between Naruto vs Sasuke.

Conclusion: I hope, you liked this list “Naruto Shippuden filler list“, don’t forget to share your favourite arc in the comment.



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