One Piece Big Mom vs Queen the calamity, Who wins


Soon one piece wano arc is going to start in anime from July. But in the manga, the arc is going crazy chapter after chapter, fans are so excited that they can’t able to wait for new chapters. Oda is putting all his efforts to make the wano arc most amazing in the series. He also said in one event that “wano arc is going to be so epic that marine war is like a child in front of it”.



And recently released, One piece chapters showed us some crazy events, in which Big mom also arrived at wano island and she got memory loss due to amnesia and she traveling with chopper and o-Kiku. Luffy is in udon prison and training. Kid also in prison with him. Others are in flower capital with false name preparing for war and as always Zoro lost his route and separated from them. Law’s crewmates captured by Basil Hawkin who is now a headliner of Kaido.


Currently released One piece chapter 946, we have seen that Big Mom arrived at Udon prison, whose incharge is Queen the Plague an All-star (one of Kaido’s three men). Big Mom there for O-shiruko (some kind of sweet). There She clashes with the Queen.


Man! What a fight, still in her amnesia condition. When she lost memory on, “how to use Haki or her devil fruit powers” just attacked Queen. But before this battle. let’s know about Queen’s devil fruit.

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Queen Devil Fruit and Bounty


Queen had eaten an Ancient zoan type devil fruit- Ryu Ryu no mi- model: Brachiosaurus. Which can transform him into a Brachiosaurus (long-necked dinosaur). And this is not enough he can also use Haki. But this is yet to confirm which types of Haki he can use.


Queen is the second most powerful crewmate in Kaido’s Beast pirates. So it makes him more powerful than Jack and we all know how strong he is or what he can do. Thus his bounty is 1 Billion. So you can think, how powerful Queen can be. And Queen’s bounty is 1.3 billion.


Big Mom vs Queen


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Big Mom is an emperor of the sea and queen of Big Mom Pirates. On the other side, Queen is All-star of Beast pirates. That’s why people can also call this fight as “Queen vs Queen”.


In chapter 946, we have seen that Big Mom destroyed all walls and came in front of the Queen. She is shouting “give me O-shiruko”. Currently, she is in like her hunger pang type state.


Queen transformed into his Ancient Dinosaur form. Big Mom quickly put a punch on his head and the impact was so strong that it breaks ground. Then she grabs his big neck and starts twisting him in the air and send fly away.





After this Queen turn back into his original form and unconscious fell on the ground. And that’s all it takes for Big Mom to win the fight against Queen. Everyone in shock and saying “whoaa the man with 1.3 billion was taken out in just 2 hits”.



One piece written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and the first time came in shonen jump’s manga comics in 1997. Until now it has collected over 80 volumes and 430 million copies in the world. Which makes one piece one of the most selling manga in history. Still its ranks no. 1 as best selling manga in 2018. Which even surprise new entry fans!


What you think about One piece and which one is your favorite character, tell us your thoughts in the comment box, we really love to read them.





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