One Piece Chapter 913 Released, Summary and Review! Where You Can Read Chapter 913.

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One Piece Chapter 913 Review !

One piece previous chapter ends at a thrilling scene where luffy’s and Zoro confronted Hawkins currently working under Beast pirate’s Kaido and when this amazing fight is going begin one piece chapter 912 ends!

Finally after waiting two weeks, Chapter 913 released today. And in this article we are going to review One piece chapter 913,

Hawkins threats Luffy & Zoro that they in Kaido’s territory and their chances to live is only 19% at the end on month.

At which Luffy replies with his edging newly cursed sword that he is here so he can beat Kaido and suddenly Zoro’s attention goes to the sword. Zoro asked Luffy to let him see the sword but Luffy ignored him and started to fight Hawkins.

A lizard attack Luffy but sent fly away this lizard toward Hawkins, where lizard get pierced by Hawkins’s sword. Soon Hawkins start to showing his devil fruit powers and attacks Luffy and Zoro.

Luffy and Zoro got help from O-tama’s beast dog and carried far away from Hawkins,  there they met O-Tsuru a tea house owner, somehow she knows O-tama’s and about her fever.

O-Tsuru offers Luffy & Zoro brought O-tama’s to her tea house so she can treat her fever. Luffy accept her help and thanks her.

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Next, at the tea house a girl named O-kiku tea house poster girl (O-Tsuru subordinate) and Urashima who is saying himself wano country’s strongest sumo wrestler appears. O-Tsuru, Luffy and the company arrived at tea house.

Far away at the top of mountain Bepo & two other people (Trafalgar Law’s crew members) are seeing them, and here’s one piece chapter 913 ends!


Where you can read One Piece Chapter 913,

You can read One piece manga on some unofficial sites which can let you read like Mangareader, Mangafox, MangaHere. However please support the official release by be patient and waiting for the official release, which will be helpful for the manga industry.

Let me know your thoughts about Chapter 913 in the comments!

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