One Piece Chapter 914 Summary and Review! Where You Can Read Chapter 914.

One Piece Chapter 914 Review !

In the One piece previous chapter we saw Luffy and others go to O-Tsuru’s place so they can cure O-Tama illness. Where they meet O-Kiku a female samurai.

Finally after waiting two weeks, Chapter 914 released today. And in this article we are going to review One piece chapter 914,

Chapter starts in place named Town of Leftovers,

Where Luffy and others went for treatment of O-Tama fiver. And finally O-Tama treated and now all fine. Zoro also injured during fight with Hawkin. So he got first aid as well.

One piece chapter 914

After that O-Tsuru tell Luffy and Zoro, why this place called town of leftovers, current situation in Wano (How kaido and shogun cruelly ruling) and who was the previous ruler of Wano country.

One piece chapter 914

O-Tsuru telling Luffy and Zoro about this place then suddenly an arrow to be attacked on O-Tsuru but blocked by Zoro’s sword.

a gifter attacked on her (artificial devil fruit user also known as SMILE). Who was a Bat smile user named Batman (yeah.. i know its funny remembers Batman from Gotham city).

One piece chapter 914

So this bat smile user continually attackin on zoro and amazed by how this can be possible that he is blocking his arrows.

Then another gifter- Gazellemen (gazelle smile user) who can run with speed of 200km/hour, just kidnapped O-Tama.

O-Kiku (female samurai), Luffy and Zoro rides on monster dog and started to chasing him. O-kiku tell Luffy that they should go to the government official district, where O-Tama has been taken. And they should have to fight three headliner- Hawkins, Holdem and Speed. On top of that, there would be around 30 people who gained powers from smile- artificial devil fruit. So, they can save and free O-Tama.

On the other side somewhere else Law got news about current situation of Luffy’s action. And want to stop him. Here’s one piece chapter 914 ends!

Yet we don’t know why he wants to stop Luffy. But am sure he have some kind of plan. Let’s wait and see what’s going to happen in the next One Piece Chapter 915. Which will be release on next week.

Where you can read One Piece Chapter 914,

You can read One piece manga on some unofficial sites which can let you read like Mangareader, Mangafox, MangaHere. However please support the official release by be patient and waiting for the official release, which will be helpful for the manga industry.

Let me know your thoughts about Chapter 914 in the comments! 

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