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One piece o kiku

In the One piece previous chapter we saw O-Tama has been kidnapped by gifters who worked for a headliner. O-kiku tell Luffy and zoro that they should head towards the goverment district, where O-tama has been taken. Because this is the place where their boss Heldem live.

And they have to fight three headliner- Hawkins, Holdem and Speed. On top of that, there would be around 30 people who gained powers from smile- artificial devil fruit. So, they can save and free O-Tama.

One Piece Chapter 915 Review!

Bakura Town, Grand sumo wrestler tournament running.

Two weird guys eating foods first one is a gifter Mouseman smile user and the second is a sumo wrestler who is talking about to making O-kiku his wife. And we can also see him in one piece chapter 913,

when O-kiku and a wrestler first introduced in. leftover town. So, Urashima is that wrestler who was there at that time.

At the some other place at Bakura town government district, We can see that Gazellemen brought O-tama at a place which is residence of beat pirate headliner Holdem who also a gifter lion smile user.

A lion attached to his stomach who can individually talk or act so in simple words they both are sharing same body.

One piece chapter 915

O-tama brought to infront of Heldem want to know about her powers. How she tamed that baboon on beach. But O-tama make ascuses and didn’t want to tell him.

At this Holdem ask their subordinates to bring some pilers want to test on O-tama so she can use her powers in front of them.

Luffy and others reached in Bukura town, O-kiku telling them the story of Bakura town what was it condition back on 20 years ago. Then suddenly a sumo wrestler thrown and dropped to them.

One piece chapter 915

It was Urashima at sumo wrestling tournament, who is throwing, defeating, setting fly away other wrestlers out of arena. An announcement is going that Urashima broke around 88 bones of other contestants. Everyone was cheering and saying how strong was he? No one can defeat him.

Ladies also cheering him then Urashima saw O-kiku & thought that she is come here for marry him and to be his bride, Then some half naked men (sumo wrestlers clothing style) picked O-kiku and runnimg towards the Urashima.

As she come close to Urashime, O-kiku jumped and cut Urashima’s top knot of his hairs on head with her long sword. Trust me that scene was awesome. Everyone was in the shock at tournament except Luffy and Zoro.

And here’s chapter 915 ends!

One piece chapter 916 is going to very special to see how O-kiku, Luffy and Zoro will handle this situation and what’s going to happen with o-tama? Will Luffy reach in time before Heldem started to torchure O-tama. Well let’s wait for the next chapter. Which will be release on next week.

Where you can read One Piece Chapter 915,

You can read One piece manga on some unofficial sites which can let you read like Mangareader, Mangafox, MangaHere.

However please support the official release by be patient and waiting for the official release, which will be helpful for the manga industry.

Let me know your thoughts about Chapter 915 in the comments! I like to read what you think and also reply you.

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