One Piece Chapter 916, A Great Sumo Match

One Piece Chapter 916, Where you can read it.

one piece chapter 916

In the One piece previous chapter we seen O-Tama is going tortured by Heldem. O-kiku cut top knot of Urashima (a sumo wrestler) hair. Who wants to marry O-kiku. And a interesting fight is going to began! Let’s move on One piece chapter 916.

One Piece Chapter 916 Review!

Luffy entered in Bakura Town, where Grand sumo wrestling tournament running. O-Kiku had cut Urashima’s hair top knot. Now everyone in that place stearing her with shocking expression.

Urashima is very angry and about to attacking on O-kiku with his furious attack Equinox Harite. Everyone saying, when he uses that attack opponents go flying. When He is just about to touch O-kiku with his attack. An big hand block his attack.


And here it is, It was our hero Luffy’s entry.

Sumo Wrestling Starts,

When Luffy block Urashima’s furious attack, they are in the sumo arena. So, both are safe and in arena. And out of nowhere Luffy’s challenge Urashima “Let’s Sumo Wrestle”.

Sumo wrestling starts between them. Urashima attacking Luffy with his some some furious attack Buddist Harite, Eye crush then Ear splitter. But Luffy dodged every attack and none of them even able to touch Luffy.

Now, its time to Luffy’s attack. He stretched his arm to the end of Bakura town. Everyone thinking what is he doing? And then BOOM! an giant hand attacked Urashima, pushed him out of arena and sent him fly far away breaking hosues and buildings. Luffy won the fight.

Final Boss Appeared!

On the other side, Holdem is torturing O-kiku. He is pinching O-tama’s cheek with piler. And O-kiku crying saying “please stop”, “its hurting”. Man! that’s a very sad touturing a little girl like this.

Then a subordinate entered in the room and says Urashima dropped from sky into their residence. Meanwhile, in tournament Luffy and Zoro started attacking every subordinate of Urashima, asking Where are their boss?


Finally their boss Holdem appears. He grabbed O-kiku in Lion’s jaw who is attached with him.Hawkins got his news and about to enter in Bakura Town.

Law and his crewmates watching this whole scene from somewhere at top of mountain. And Law is also going to Bakura town so he can help Luffy.


And with suspension here’s One piece Chapter 916 ends!

Where you can read One Piece Chapter 916,

You can read One piece manga on some unofficial sites which can let you read like Mangareader, Mangafox, MangaHere. However please support the official release by be patient and waiting for the official release, which will be helpful for the manga industry.

Let me know your thoughts about Chapter 916 in the comments! I like to read what you think and also reply you.

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