One Piece Chapter 917 Luffy vs Holdem

One Piece Chapter 917 

In the One piece previous chapter, we have seen that Luffy defeated Urashima in Sumo match. After that their leader Holdem appears with O-Tama. Finally after waiting two weeks one piece chapter 917 released today and we are going to review this chapter. 
One piece chapter 917

One Piece Chapter 917 review!

One piece chapter 917 starts with Kuriokobore Town also known as Leftover’s Town. Where kids are crying due to hunger. And some parents are rushing to O-kiku for Jyagan grass because their kids drank polluted river water to endure hunger.
One piece chapter 917
In meantime Somewhere in Bakuro Town’s pradise farm, a place which is heaven of food in wano country. Here in pradise farm Water is clean and pollution free and foods are not poisonus. But this farm is a private property of Shogun and its subordinates.

Speed Reveled in One Piece,

Speed – a beast pirate headliner (horse smile giter) is incharge of this farm and came in farm for assortment of food. Then suddenly she heard destruction sounds which are coming from the town. Where Luffy and company are fighting.
One piece chapter 917
Holdem appread infront of Luffy and Company with O-tama. He was grabbing O-Tama is lion’s jaws who was attached to his stomach.
O-Kiku warns Luffy whatever you do but don’t make Holdem angry. Because kaido’s calamity Jack the Drought backs him. And Jack is ture ruler of Kuri.
One piece chapter 917
At this, Luffy and Zoro reminds that jack and his ship sank by Zoe. But he is still alive spotted in the village few days earlier.
Speed arrived at that place too with that day’s food assortment. Luffy tells Zoro to take of food side and he will save Tama.
On the other side at entrence of town Basil Hawkin way  blocked by Law. But Law covered his face so Hawkins cannot recognise him. And in this fight Law vs Hawkins we are going to see Law in action again.
One piece chapter 917
When Holdem just going to hurt O-Tama. In blink of eye instantly Luffy saved O-tama and punched lion. Holdem and everyone were shocked what was just happened right now.
Other side Zoro gets food wagon and backing to Leftover’s Town. Luffy just behind them grabbing O-Tama in his arms. Then he saw that O-Tama’s cheek wounded.
One piece chapter 917
O-Tama says that Holdem tortured her by pliers. After hearing this Luffy gets very angry and rush back to Holdem for give him a lesson.
Holdem also ready to attack on Luffy with his sword. Luffy was in air, stretched his hand and attacked on Holdem with his gomu gomu Red Hawk. And with his firely punch One piece chapter 917 ends!
One piece chapter 917
Where you can read One Piece Chapter 917,

You can read One piece manga on some unofficial sites which can let you read like Mangareader, Mangafox, MangaHere. However please support the official release by be patient and waiting for the official release, which will be helpful for the manga industry.

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