One Piece Chapter 953 Release Date and where you can read it


One Piece Chapter 953 Release Date: Recently, one piece wano arc started in anime from July. But in manga wano arc going crazy chapter after chapter. Every chapter creating new levels of hype that fans are just can’t able to wait for the next chapter. Oda is putting all his efforts to make the wano arc most amazing in the series. He also said in one event that “wano arc is going to be so epic that marine war is like a child in front of it”.

One Piece Chapter 953 Release Date


Previously released one piece chapter 952 focused on really great events happening around and revealed some new characters in the manga. so let’s start with reviewing chapter 952.

Note: One piece chapter 952 major spoilers ahead in the article and if you haven’t read chapter 952 yet, so I suggest you to please first read chapter 952 then come back to this article.

You can read officially: One piece chapter 952 here

One Piece chapter 952

One piece chapter 952 starts with Zoro, where he’s fighting with Gyubimaru for his sword Shisui. Which was previously stolen by Gyubimaru in the bridge. But now Zoro easily defeated him and asking him to give back his sword.

But Gyubimaru refuse to give Zoro shisui back, he thinks that Zoro stole this sword from Ryuma’s grave. But we all know how Zoro get this sword.

Then Zoro attacked by a mysterious sword from back. This is no one but Kawamastu going from that way.

Hiyori suprised seeing Kawamastu that he is still alive all this years because we all know a kappa grows her and this kappa was Kawamastu.

After this, we got the chance to know about Kaido vs Big mom battle. Which is still going on and everybody leaving the island to survive from this battle.

Queen is also still there and talking with Prison guard. He want to know the current status of Luffy, Kid and others in Udon prison. In call’s other side Old warden of prison, warden said that Luffy and Kid in the prison and everything is under his control.

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But here comes a twist in the chapter, Warden lied to Queen because he is now under Otama’s devil fruit possession and now controlled by her.

Luffy is also fine now, Chopper treated him along with others. Queen’s bio disease treatment was easy task for Dr. Chopper, we expect not less from Chopper. And now when Luffy is all good for the battle again Udon prison’s all prisoners are his subordinates and ready for final battle with Kaido.

In this chapter, we also get the chance to introduced with great four Yakuza bosses

End of the chapter 952, Kinemon got the blueprints of Kaido’s mansion Onigashima and then Kinemon called Raizo for Udon report. Raizo tell him about the situation that all prisoners are now their subordinates but still they facing a big problem of weapons so that they can fight.

After that, we again on the bridge where is Kawamastu meet Hiyori and Gyukimaru is also happy seeing him alive. But it is still mystery how he knows Kawamastu.

i think next One piece chapter 953 will reveal this mystery and Gyukimaru will play a big role in the arc by providing weapons to the prisoners for the final battle. Let’s see what One piece chapter 953 unfold for us!

One Piece Chapter 953 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English One Piece Manga Chapter 953 Release:

At first it seems likes One Piece chapter 953 will not release next week. But here’s a good news there is no break for next One piece chapter 953 will release next week on 26 August 2019. As always it will leaks online 3 days earlier. That means we can read One piece chapter 953 on 23 August 2019.

Where you can read One Piece Chapter 953

You can read One Piece chapter 953 officially on viz media’s site. You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but i suggest you to read it on officially site to support them.

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