One Piece Chapter 954 Release Date and where you can read it


One Piece Chapter 954 Release Date: Recently, one piece wano arc started in anime from July. But in manga wano arc going crazy chapter after chapter. Every chapter creating new levels of hype that fans are just can’t able to wait for the next chapter. Oda is putting all his efforts to make the wano arc most amazing in the series. He also said in one event that “wano arc is going to be so epic that marine war is like a child in front of it”.

One Piece Chapter 953 Release Date


Previously released one piece chapter 953 focused on really great events happening around and revealed some new hypes in the manga like Gyukimaru’s secret and Zoro is about to getting a new sword (maybe more powerful than Shisui) so let’s start with reviewing chapter 953.

Note: One piece chapter 953 major spoilers ahead in the article and if you haven’t read chapter 952 yet, so I suggest you to please first read chapter 953 then come back to this article.

You can read officially: One piece chapter 953 here

One Piece chapter 953

One piece chapter 953 starts where chapter 952 left at the bridge, where Kawamastu remembering his past when princess Hiyori left him since she was a child around 13 years ago. And this makes Kawamastu so depressed that he want to suicide.

He went to Oihagi bridge for suicide, then he meet a fox named Onimaru mostly injured in blood. Onimaru was actually campanion of Late damiyo of Ringo (Land where this bridge is situated).

Here on this land, Onimaru protecting his damiyo master’s grave and sword from grave robbers.

Man! this chapter is so amazing that am cannot able to put all those things here in one place. I suggest please read here

Kawamastu decided to hide all swords from grave to a safe place. So, when the right time will come for the battle it will be served again to warriors.


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First Onimaru stopped him doing this but somehow Onimaru understood his motives are not bad and support him.

At the end of the chapter 953 we found that Onimaru is actually Gyukimaru who can transfom into human. I think he ate devil fruit like chopper. But fruit model is unknown for now. May be One piece chapter 954 will reveal us this mystery.

Princess Hiyori requested to Zoro that if Shisui is property of wano, then please give it back and instead of this Hiyori offers Zoro her legendary sword Enma. Which she got from her father Odin.

Actually, Enma was the sword that gave Kaido x scar on stomach. So i think Zoro willl take or maybe not.

I think next One piece chapter 954 will reveal this mystery and Kawamastu and Onimaru will play a big role in the arc by providing weapons to the prisoners for the final battle. Let’s see what One piece chapter 954 unfold for us!

One Piece Chapter 954 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English One Piece Manga Chapter 954 Release:

At first it seems likes One Piece chapter 954 will not release next week. But here’s a good news there is no break for next One piece chapter 954 will release next week on 2 September 2019. As always it will leaks online 3 days earlier. That means we can read One piece chapter 954 on 29 September 2019.

Where you can read One Piece Chapter 954

You can read One Piece chapter 954 officially on viz media’s site. You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but i suggest you to read it on officially site to support them.

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