One Piece Chapter 964 Release Date, Predictions and where you can read it

One Piece Chapter 964 release date

One Piece Chapter 964 Release Date: One Piece Manga‘s latest chapter 963 just launched this week and currently showing Oden’s flashback story in wano arc.

One piece manga chapter 964 release date

Chapter 963 was awaited for the whole week, as in this chapter Oden became the Daimyo of the Wano Kuri and now his subordinates became his samurais for the Kozuki family. In end, the Whitebread appeared at Wano’s Itachi port.

This chapter was so amazing that it creates the hype that is so huge for the next chapter release than this one. So let first take a short review of this chapter and what interesting facts you going to find in it!

Please note chapter 963 major spoilers ahead in the article and if you haven’t read One piece chapter 963 yet and don’t wanna be spoiled, so I suggest you please first read chapter 963 then come back to this article. Also, note we don’t create or spread spoilers.

You can read One piece chapter 963 here

One Piece Chapter 963 review

In the beginning of the chapter, we can see that cat and dog mink are in the Zou. They learned about the Kozuki family and Wano country and decided to go to Wano.

They started their journey and finally reached Wano. Then Kawamatsu kappa finds them unconscious on the port.

Now three of them captured by the villagers as they are thinking them, demon children because they are different talking animals. And decided to burn them alive.

But Oden stopped those people and saved them.

Three of them followed Oden to the and thus became his followers.

Then, Oden gave them food. Here, we knew Kappa’s sad story and learned that he is a fishmen.

Kappa and his mother drifted to Wano island as their ship sank. And asked for help from people. But they threw only stones to them because they are fishmen. And his mother got injured so they can’t able to go back to their home.

Soo his mother died, but she told Kawamastu to appear like Kappa because the surface world doesn’t like fishmen. But you are going to live more likely if you claim yourself as Kappa.

One Piece manga Chapter 964 release date

After his mother died, Kappa started living on people’s leftover food or what they threw.

We also learned that Oden helping Orochi by giving him money but now they are out of resources.

So, Raizo and others decided to steal money from Yasuie and went to Hakumai. But they got captured.

But when he learned they are stealing money for Oden. He gave all his money to them with a piece of advice to use this money on good things like proper dressing and learning manners.

Thus 3 years past, One day Oden and retainers visited the Flower capital. Everyone is in shock after seeing them as Samurai and felt their amazing presence.

Oden was here for seeing his father. When they talking we can see Orochi was also there and hearing them over behind a wall.

And it’s like he plotted some as he mentioned that “however this is the last time they would talk to each other”.

In the same year at Itachi port of the Wano country, Whitebeard and his crew reached Wano. Their ship is destroyed and it’s going to take one week to repair the ship.

Oden got this news and rushed towards the port.

Whitebeard feels Oden’s haki and told everyone to stand back as something incredible is approaching towards them.

And they clashed, It is also revealed here that Oden has also haki like Whitebeard.

Oden introduced himself to Whitebeard and asked to let him join his crew.

One Piece Chapter 964 read online

And here’s this amazing chapter ends!

Predictions for One Piece Chapter 964,

After seeing Oden’s strength, Whitebread let Oden join his crew. Thus Oden will go the sea with Whitebeard.

It is going to more interesting in the upcoming chapters as Oden later join Roger pirates. But how they met? It will be revealed in the next chapter of one piece.

One Piece Chapter 964 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English One Piece Manga Chapter 964 Release:

One Piece Chapter 964 will release next week’s Sunday on 1 December 2019. And scans will be available as it always leaks 2-3 days earlier of the official release. Means, you can read One piece Chapter 964 on 29 November 2019.

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Where to read One Piece Chapter 964

You can read One Piece chapter 964 officially on viz media’s site. After its release, it is also available on Mangaplus App and Shonen Hump app and  You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on the official site to support them.

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