One Piece Chapter 967 Release Date, Predictions & where you can read it

One Piece Chapter 967 release date

One Piece Chapter 967 Release Date: Finally One piece manga latest chapter showed us the meeting of Gol D Roger and Oden. Fans are just waiting for months to see this.

One piece manga chapter 967 release date

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After meeting with Oden got many surprises. So let’s take a review on One piece chapter 966 and what surprises you going to find in it.

Please note there are many spoilers in this article about chapter 966 and if you have not read that yet or don’t get spoiled before reading it, then stop here. But if you like spoilers like me then welcome.

You can officially read one piece manga here

One Piece Chapter 966 review

After seeing Roger pirates as mere pirates who are looting island, Oden rushed for a fight with them.

Whitebeard and crew try to stop him but he just ignored them.

Rayleigh and Gaban ready to take him but Roger takes the lead and a clash happened in Roger and Oden.

Roger’s strength so amazing that he sent flying Oden and injured him with just a single sword attack.

Oden was also so surprised by feeling his strength.

Then Whitebeard and Roger clashed their swords as well as their crew.

one piece chapter 967 read
image credit: Amanomoon from Deviant art

They fight for three day and nights.

After 4th day they began to party.

Here we also get the chance to see Shanks and Buggy, And they like always they are looking very cute. They are on guards.

One piece chapter 967
image credit: Amanomoon from deviant art

On the other side, Maro, Juzo and Teach ion guard.

Buggy tells Shanks about Teach that he never slept in this 3 nights and always wake. Maybe this is another clue from Oda about Teach.

Roger talking to Whitebeard his journey and one last island left but unfindable. A total mystery by world govt.

The only way to find that is Red ponegliffs. After that, he made a request to borrow Oden for 1 year as he can read those ponegliffs because he is from wano.

Roger even bowed his head for Oden.

Whitebeard declines it and angry. But accept his request and ready to go with him.

And thus Oden journey with Gol. D Roger began.

Oden mentions it as Second act as pirate.

Dog and Cat joined him too as they always follow Oden.

Then Roger’s doctor tells that Roger just has 1 year left to live. That’s why he is in such hurry to that last island.

After that, they goto sky island, and it is confirmed here that Roger hs some strange powers to hear voices from all things but not revealed its due to devil fruit or not.

Then Oden read the ponegliff of sky island, which is about ancient weapon Poseidon.

And here chapter 966 ends!

Predictions for One piece chapter 967,

Next few chapters going to last chapters for Oden’s flashback. Then we will return to the present Wano arc.

Let’s wait for the release of One piece chapter 967 and see what’s it packs for us.

One Piece Chapter 967 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English One Piece Manga Chapter 967 Release:

Sadly, there is no one piece chapter next week due to new year holidays, One piece chapter 967 is setup to release on Monday, 6 January 2020. But scans will leak earlier and you can read One piece chapter 967 on 4 January 2020

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Where to read One Piece Chapter 967

You can read One Piece chapter 967 officially on viz media’s site. After its release, it is also available on Mangaplus App and Shonen Hump app and  You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on the official site to support them.

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That’s all guys, hope you like the article, if you loved this one then share it with your manga or anime lover friends. And don’t forget to comment below what you think or your predictions about One Piece chapter 967.


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