One Piece Chapter 968 Release Date & where you can read it

one piece chapter 968 release date

One Piece Chapter 968 Release Date: One piece latest chapter just launched and with this chapter we can say that it’s the last Oden flashback or maybe we still have more to see. Like Orichi’s meetup, Kaido and how they take down him to rule on Wano.

One piece manga chapter 968 release date

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Note that there are major spoilers ahead in the article of chapter 967 please make sure you have read it before pursuing ahead. Otherwise, you will be spoiled.

One piece chapter 967 review

After the skypiea islands, Roger crew safely returned to the ocean and then went to Water 7 to meet Tom.

In the way, Roger learned from Oden and Talking cat/Dog that they have also red Ponugliffs at their island.

We also get the chance to see Frankly when he was little.

Then they decided to fishmen island. But for this, they have to get coated their ship.

In the ocean, Roger again heard strange voices of sea kings but this Oden also heard them.

Finally, they landed at Fishmen island. Their Neptune met them.

Sherley at the age of 3 at that time, it from that age she can predict the future.

So she tells them that this is not the day of disaster. The day will come after born of his daughter.

Roger learned that the weapon he was seeking on this island is Neptune’s future born daughter. But this will happen after 10 years according to Sherley prophecy.

Then they went to Wano kunji for Oden’s Red poneglyph.

Toki gets ill on the way to wano. And she can sail with them anymore after wano.

Here Oden have to compromise with himself he left Toki and kids to wano due to his promise.

Then crew reached Zou for minks red poneglyph. Their head happy to see them.

Here they find their last red poneglyph road to final island.

Finally roger reached to that final island and become the king of the pirates.

But the secret they get there is still unknown after reaching there they just laughed.

And this chapter ends here.

One Piece Chapter 968 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English One Piece Manga Chapter 968 Release:

Sadly, there is no one piece chapter next, One piece chapter 968 will come back and scheduled to release on Sunday, 19 January 2020. But scans will leak earlier and you can read One piece chapter 968 on 17 January 2020

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Where to read One Piece Chapter 968

You can read One Piece chapter 968 officially on viz media’s site. After its release, it is also available on Mangaplus App and Shonen Hump app and  You can also read it on many unofficial sites like mangareader, foxmanga and many more or just google it but I suggest you read it on the official site to support them.

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