One Piece Chapter 973 Release Date, Predictions & where you can read it


One Piece Chapter 973 Release Date: One Piece manga is the highest selling manga series in the world. Fans are just crazy about it’s chapter. And yes, there’s a reason for their craziness One-piece author Oda.

One piece chapter 973 release date

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But this week’s chapter 973 got delayed and rumours are about this is that Oda got ill and hospitalized.

Eiichiro Oda is not just amazing but a brilliant manga creator and illustrator. He was writing one piece from his young age.

If you don’t know, One piece running since 1997 and still it’s ongoing. And from many years it’s on no.1 spot of top-selling manga every year.

Some fans thought that Demon slayer going to out beat One piece this year in sellings. But when nimbers came, again One piece was at no.1 and Demon slayer was at no.2, Kingdom got the 3rd place.

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Originally, One piece chapter 973 was set to release on March 1 but like I said due to Oda’s sudden health issue it got delayed.

Now, you are thinking so when it’s going to release?

So, here’s the release date of One pice Chapter 973,

One Piece Chapter 973 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English One Piece Manga Chapter 973 Release:


As the new release date, One piece chapter 973 is going to release on Sunday, 8 March 2020. And you can read One piece chapter 973 online on many platforms when the timer hits zero on the above countdown.

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Where to read One Piece Chapter 973

You can read One Piece chapter 973 officially on viz media’s site. After its release, it is also available on Mangaplus App and Shonen Jump app.

You can officially read one piece chapter 973 here (When countdown hits zero).

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Previous One Piece Chapter 972 review

Thanks to Shinobu everyone in Wano now knew Oden’s sacrifices and why he was dancing on the road every week.

Very soon, this spread in all Wano and whoever heard that began to cry and thought what they have done to Oden.

On the other hand, Oden is still in the middle of Execution and it’s really surprising that until now he still carry other in that torturous boiling oil execution.

one piece chapter 973 release date
credit: image from deviant art user @monjey_rock

Oden announced that if he will live from this execution and then he will Wano’s border to the outer world. A long time ago Kozuki clan closed the border to prevent external power and danger to protect Wano.

All the time gone from 30 minutes to 5 minutes to final countdown 3 seconds. 2 seconds and 0 seconds.

Oden lived from the execution and seeing that everyone was happy.

But again, Orochi used his filthy mind and told everyone he changed the execution and shot by arrow 1 min before.

Oden used his last strength to throw his samurais from the pot so they can be alive and his words to them were “run and open Wano’s border for me”.

Then Kaido used his pistol and shoot on the head of Oden. And that’s how Oden killed. That was so emotion scene that it can literly bring tears into eyes.

Toki heard about all the incident and Oden’s death.

In the last page, it is mentioned that Toki used her time-time devil fruit to see in the future and according to her vision, there will be tremendous war take place after 20 years which will even split the seas.

New powers will emerge who will take down Kaido.

And here’s this chapter ends!

Predictions for One Piece chapter 973

As the Oden’s flashback is ended with his death, the next chapter is going to continue from the present events.

And in present, Luffy and others on their way to attack Kaido’s base on fire festival night.

read one piece chapter 973
image from deviant art

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