One Piece Chapter 981 Delayed! – Check New Release Date

one piece chapter 981 release date

One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date: Wano arc getting more and more intense and exciting as the story moving further. Our heroes launched the full-fledged attack on Kaido’s HQ.

And now currently moving according to plan.

One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date

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Law and Kanjiro’s team trying to enter from the back, while Luffy, Kid, and main team entering from the front gate in soldier’s getup.

But the situation got worse, coz some soldier identified Straw hat Luffy. And reported to Queen.

So it will be cool to see, what calamity Queen does. Will he report this attack to Kaido or like to deal by all himself.

In the previous chapter, many more exciting events took place so let’s start with a small recap of that chapter to know what we missed.

Please Note: major spoilers ahead in the post if you didn’t want to get spoiled before reading chapter 980 then you must stop here. And comeback after reading it otherwise just scroll to One piece chapter 981 release date.

You can officially read one piece manga chapter 980 here

One Piece Chapter 980 recap,

The Chapter starts with angry Luffy, who is currently very angry with drunk soldiers as they wasted some food on a food fight. That reminded Luffy about O-Tama when she ate the oshiruko for the first time.

But here these soldiers wasting this food that’s Luffy is so angry and want to beat them.

And he did that, he beat those soldiers with his elephant gun and created havoc in the party that grabbed the attention of other soldiers.

Eustass Kid was amazed by the Luffy’s action, (I mean in another way)

Here are his lines “what the hell is that idiot thinking”.

Then another amazing event happened, A  building near them sliced in two.

And a man scolding on Luffy about his problem making actions.

Can you guess, who is he?

Right, it is Zoro, man! this duo is so hilarious. He came to check on Luffy’s action just by slicing a big building in two.

And now Kid also feeling the same the way as Law feels.

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Then stats of this event reached to calamity Queen and Apoo Scracthmen. Apoo guessed that must be Luffy. But still, they don’t how he gets here.

On the other hand, Luffy and Zoro running from soldiers.

Queen confirms that Luffy escaped from udon and now he and Zoro are here. But Queen didn’t go by himself as he had a battle with flying six so he ordered Apoo to track them down.

Apoo found them and began to fight with Luffy.

He attacked Luffy and Zoro with his devil fruit powers, which are sound shockwaves. But Luffy and Zoro still confused about how he is attacking them from that distance.

Then with his next Luffy got unconscious. Zoro understands the situation, grabbed unconscious Luffy, and began to run.

One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date
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Soon Luffy gets back on his feet and decided to fight them. Apoo is still aiming for Luffy and Zoro.

He was just about to attack with the same attack that he did on Luffy but Kid arrived at the right time dropped a big move on Apoo, crushed by his giant metal arm.

One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date
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Kid attacked him because in past Apoo was the backstabber who informed Kaido and tricked the alliance.

And with the giant metal arm on Apoo’s body, this chapter ended here.

One Piece Chapter 981 Predictions,

Now Apoo is defeated Luffy, Zoro, and Kid’s pirated will be able to escape from soldiers. But one thing is clear Queen is know about them and soon he will try to capture.

It is also possible in the next chapter of one piece we will get the chance to meet Kaido’s son and as Kaido promised after his son’s arrival Calamities vs Flying six battles began.

Currently, Kaido’s son is the most desired character that fans want to see.

One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date

Countdown time to Live English One Piece Manga Chapter 981 Release:

Fans are really excited and cannot able to hold themself for this chapter but the bad news is that One piece chapter 981 got delayed due to WSJ break this week, so it will resume next week.

One piece chapter 981 is going to release on Sunday, 7 June 2020. But you can read One piece chapter 981 earlier as we know it scans appears 2-3 days earlier of the official release.

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Where to read One Piece Chapter 981

It will be released officially on when the countdown hits zero. It means you can officially read one piece chapter 981 on Viz.

There are also other official platforms where you can read it like the Shonen Jump app, Mangaplus, etc.

You can read one piece manga on some unofficial and illegal site, just google it ‘Read one piece chapter 981‘ many sites will appear but suggest you read from official sites as it supports them.

Official sites to read manga legally

One Piece Chapter 981 Spoilers

Currently, there are no spoilers out for one piece chapter 981. But when it appears they will be posted here so forget to check back later.

One Piece Manga Most Asked FAQs

Can the Wano arc be considered one of the most thrilling arcs in One Piece?

Wano is the most anticipated arc in one piece so far. Oda himself said so.

According to one of the fans, it is clearly the fact that Zoro is samurai Ryuuma’s descendent, the identity of the ancient dragon that Ryuuma defeated being the previous inheritor of dragon-dragon fruit.

which brings out the theory of Kaidou being the legendary zoan dragon fruit eater and hence the potential fight between Kaidou and Zoro himself.

The backstory to Zoro’s childhood and dynasty, explanation of his asura power,the secret of his left eye.

Lot of things!!! I just can’t wait!

How do you see the final battle of Wano in One Piece going?

Upcoming war in the Wano arc which will be most tragic one.

Oda also gave a hint to fans that he will soon bring a war which will far more interesting than White beard vs Marine war. If you people liked that war than definitely you will like this one too.

Who is the son of Kaido in One Piece? How strong is he?

The rumor about Kaido son was Shown in the latest manga chapter 977 when Kaido mentions that he has a son.

This person could be the Ace of the crew. Also, this person might be the son of Kaido and Big mom and maybe that is the reason he wants to introduce him to Linlin.


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