One piece episode 850 review! Where you can watch it

One piece episode 850 review! Where you can watch it

One piece episode 850

In the previous One Piece episode we saw Pedro killed himself with Perospero. So, Straw hats can escape from Peros candy trap. And he succeed, he killed himself with Perospero and broke his spell.

After explosion all candy melted away, while Chopper and Brook, which had turned into hard candy and going to die in 3 mins also bring back to normal.

One Piece Episode 850 review!

After the explosion Sunny finally free from Peros candy trap and ready to escape from big mom, But Katakuri the sweet general still there in ship and trying to stop Straw Hats and Luffy having a hard time on getting him out of ship.

One piece episode 850

Seeing Pedro’s death, Carrate gets upsate, crying and in rage she attacked on Katakuri (still remembering of Pedro’s thought how she meet him and he trained her). Katakuri dodged every of her’s attacks and grabbed her under his feet.

One piece episode 850

Then Luffy saves Carrate and order everyone to set sail, He attacked on Katakuri with his haki punches but amazed why not a single punch able to hurt him. Because despite of logia devil fruit abilities haki covered attacks can hit them but somehow not working on Katakuri.

On the other side Nami and others are tring to cudo brust & deflecting all the attacks from big mom fleet ships. As they are ready to cudo brust. Suddenly Big Mom grabbed and hold their ship from back,

As result they can’t able to cudo brust because one cola drum had dropped. So Nami gives the command of cudo brust to Gimbei and goes herself to reposition the cola drum.

Finally, when everything is ready to cudo brust and they are going to escape through sky, they saw that Perospero still alive (he freezed his blood and entire body with candy to save himself). Carrate and Nami shocked, why he is still alive?

In battle between Luffy and Katakui, Luffy still fighting with Katakuri and nothing is working. So, he grabbed Katakuri with his big gomu gomu elephant gun and says to everyone that “I’ll be back, i’ll leave the rest to you!”.

One piece episode 850

And then cudo burst launched, ship is in the sky flying with high speed. Everyone looked at Luffy but he nor Katakuri was there on the ship!

Luffy bring himself in the mirror world along with Katakuri and broke that mirror which one was the way to his ship sunny. And finally here starts his epic battle with Katakuri & so the One piece episode 850 ends!

One piece episode 850

One Piece Episode 851 Preview!

In this preview we are seeing that Luffy and Katakuri battle started in mirror world,

Where Katakuri seemed have advantage of his future seeing observation haki, speed, power. And Luffy having a hard time on fighting him. Episode 851 will be release next week Sunday on 26 August 2018.

Where You Can Download or Watch One Pice Episode 850 Online,

You can watch online one piece episodes officially on Funanimation and Crunchyroll. Or just google it many sites will show up.

Let me know your thoughts about this episode in the comments!

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