One piece episode 851 review! Luffy vs Katakuri

One piece episode 851 review! Where you can watch it.

One piece episode 851

In the last episode of one piece, Nami and other’s finally able to do cudo brust and escaped from Big mom’s fleet. Luffy went into mirror world with katakuri so, he can fight without any doing casualties to the ship. And in One piece episode 851 the epic battle between Luffy vs Katakuri fight is finally going to begin!!!


One piece episode 851 review!

After landing far away in the sea from Big Mom, Chopper and Brook are feeling very happy and curiously ask about pedro.

Nami told them what happened with Pedro. How bravely he sacrificed himself so, we can successfully escape from Big Mom.

After hearing this Brook and Chooper’s happiness turned into tears. They are blaming themself if they are strong enough than Pedro has been still alive.

One piece episode 851

Jinbei told them the feelings of Pedro and said that if they are able to escape from Big Mom. They are going to waste Pedro’s sacrifice.

One piece episode 851

After jinbei’s words, carrate saw that Big Mom and fleet still chasing them in sea. Everyone surprised when they saw Big Mom walking on sea.

But in reality it was Perospero who was still alive and lost his one arm. He made a big candy snail who can float on sea with his devil fruit powers. And Big Mom riding on it.

One piece episode 851

Meanwhile, in the mirror world battle between Luffy and Katakuri has began. Luffy has still having a hard time to hit him. Katakuri’s power, speed and abilities are superior than him.

One piece episode 851

In other side, Sanji, Pudding and Chiffon reached on island. Where they can prepare cake for Big Mom’s hunger.

One piece episode 851

In mirror world Katakuri encounters every attack of Luffy’s with same attack. But more powerful and advance. It’s like Moochi have advantage on rubber.

And here One Piece episode 851 ends!

Katakuri continuously attacking and Luffy got some serious injuries.

One piece episode 851

But we all know that until he beat the hell out of Katakuri. He is not going to give up! No matter what happens with him.

So basically we can say that this episode is just tip of a iceberg between Luffy vs Katakuri battle.


One Piece Episode 852 Preview!

In this preview we are seeing that Luffy is injured. He is attacking katakuri with his big moves but katakuri encounter those with same attacks but more big and with advance power.

Katakuri seemed have advantage of his future seeing observation haki, speed, power. And Luffy having a hard time on fighting him. One Piece Episode 852 will be release next week Sunday on 2 September 2018.


Where You Can Download or Watch One Pice Episode 851 Online,

You can watch online one piece episodes officially on Funanimation and Crunchyroll or just google it many sites will show up.

Let me know your thoughts about One Piece Episode 851 in the comments! I like to read your theories and also reply you.

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