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One Piece Episode 972 release date: The title of One Piece Episode 972 is “The End of the Battle! Oden vs. Kaido.” It looks like the next episode will finally end the battle between Oden and Kaido. The latter is the one who helps Orochi in his evil deeds. Both conquered the Land of Wano, and now Oden is fighting them to reclaim his homeland.

On the other hand, the upcoming episode will also feature one of the highly anticipated scenes from the manga series. The fans of the manga already know how great the battle will be as it will feature some intense action sequences. So, when can we all stream the highly anticipated episode? Here are all the final details.

One Piece Episode 972: Preview & Plot Details!

Oden, along with the members of Akazaya Nine, already reached Kaido’s place to attack him. However, one of Oden’s employees turned out to be a traitor and leaked his plan to the opponents. As a result, Kaido was waiting for them with thousands of his soldiers. That is why war will now break out between Oden and Kaido. Now that they have already been challenged, Oden and Akazaya Nine cannot withdraw now. As a result, they will face their rivals with all their remaining hope.

One Piece Episode 972 will feature Oden’s final battle against Kaido. The title and example indicate the same. One of the most iconic scenes in the manga is the one where Oden tackles Kaido’s dragon and cuts his chest. The fans’ favorite scene is animated in this week’s anime episode. As a result, fans are now getting curious whether Oden will be able to beat Kaido or not.

Previous Episode Summary!

In the 971st episode of OP, viewers saw Oden meet Orcohi and remind him that five years have passed and it is finally time. Confused, Orochi asks what he’s talking about. Oden revealed that he is talking about the promise he made. However, Orochi said he’d forgotten, and Oden soon realized he wasn’t going to keep his promise. Orochi also revealed that Kaido is now handling Hyogoro, and that he could kill him soon. Oden was wearing something, and then he met the Akazaya Nine and told them they were about to raid Orochi and Kaido.

One Piece episode 972

One Piece Episode 972: release date

The preview of the upcoming episode increased the hype even more. The excitement among viewers to watch the new outing is only increasing. That’s why One Piece Episode 972 will finally be released on Sunday, May 2, 2021. Fans can watch the new episodes of this legendary anime series on Crunchyroll.

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