Read One Piece 1005 Spoilers: Sanji’s Cry For Help


One Piece manga will return from its current break, and One Piece Chapter 1005 spoilers released a little bit late this week. Since there was no chapter released this week, fans expected the spoilers to release earlier or later last week. But the earliest spoilers for the upcoming chapters are now out, and we will be looking at them. 

The build-up of the manga has transitioned and introduced a second silhouette, meaning that there is someone on the alliance’s side who is yet to be revealed. The first silhouette was that of Kaidou’s hybrid form. And we might not get to see it until later on when the manga moves back to the fight at the top. 

But for now, the manga will focus on small events that are taking place at the lower levels of Kaidou’s mansion. With the mysterious silhouette helping the nine scabbards still looming. We might get to see the identity of the person soon. But the spoilers have not hinted at anything towards that end yet. King has sent Black Maria to kill everyone in the room where the scabbards are, but Jack will be going instead.

For now, the highlight of the moment is Sanji’s captivity as Black Maria and her minions use him as bait to lure in Robin. Meaning that first, we will get to see how Robin intends to rescue Sanji.

It will be interesting to see how further she has developed her powers while in Wano. This is their biggest fight so far, and all of the straw hats will have to use their full powers to survive. One Piece Chapter 1005 will officially release this upcoming weekend continuing after Oda’s break ends.

One Piece Chapter 1005 Spoilers: The Devil’s Child

One Piece – Black Maria Fan Art 

The chapter is titled “The Devil’s Child.”

Black Maria urges Sanji to call Robin.

Those who have Baofang’s paper with the drawn eye can share visual information and also convey voice messages.

Sanji appeared and is beaten up by Black Maria and can not move.

It looks like Sanji has defeated all-male subordinates but can not harm the women.

Sanji: “Save me, Robin! I’m on the 3rd floor! I’m a prisoner!”

Then the reaction of several characters to Sanji’s call appeared from all those who have the paper with the eye drawn.

Nami commented on the situation and pointed out that Sanji’s opponent is a woman.

Robin attacks Black Maria with a gigantic hand.

Brook rescues Sanji and freezes Black Maria’s webs.

Robin: “Thanks for trusting me, Sanji!”

The animals that have the paper with the drawn eye are Kaidou’s spies, but instead of real animals, they are cyborgs.

Kaidou’s subordinates have discovered Yamato.

Jack moves and is going to kill the Red Scabbards.

Black Maria vs. Robin and Brook appears at the end of the chapter.

The Manga chapters will continue as usual, and there is NO BREAK NEXT WEEK.

We have managed to get hold of these early spoilers courtesy of the One Piece subreddit.

It looks like the manga has finally found one fight that it will be focusing on first. Several updates also appeared from different flights. We now know that Robin and Brook will team up to fight Black Maria and her followers. On the other hand, Jack is going to finish off the scabbards. So whoever is behind the silhouette might be strong enough to battle an exhausted Jack.

It will also be interesting to see what Brook has in store. The two of them make a good team and have worked together several times. The official release will be available over the weekend for free online on the VIZ Media and Manga Plus websites. 

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