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This week’s shonen jump cover has a beautiful shot of Luffy and there is a colored cover too. Oda is taking requests again and this week Honey Nameko’s request was honored. Meanwhile, fans are extremely hyped up by this amazing fight. One Piece Chapter 1010 will probably continue on with the action sequences and we can’t wait to see it.

We strongly recommend watching One Piece from the Wano arc. The animation has come so far ahead that you will definitely be shocked.

With a slow burn pace and a damn colorful palette, the anime has reached a new high. It is definitely worth following.

The cover of Weekly Shonen Jump says that as the Third Act of Wano is going strong, it is slowly nearing its climax. The war is about to end very soon.

One Piece Chapter 1010 will probably be a chapter that will focus mostly on the rooftop battle. It is by far, the best fight scene in Wano arc.

Well, we did say that the 3rd Act of Wano will be around 60 chapters, which means it will end pretty soon. Maybe the War portion of this arc will end – because the Strawhat individual battles are all left.

Unless Oda wants to off screen them all, it will be tough to finish them quickly. Hence, we are unsure about what to expect.

Announcement: The early English chapter has been released for everyone to read but we ask everyone to not read it and wait for the official release on the Shonen Jump website.

One Piece 1010 Raw Scans

One of the best things to read in the chapters is ‘No Break Next Week’. We do know when to expect breaks, and when not to. But every time we see the line, we find some joy.

One Piece 1010 raw scans or Japanese early chapter is scheduled to release on April 7, 2021. They will be lifted directly from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s latest issue.

You can rent these raws from the shonen jump plus website.

Followed by the raw scans, we find the fan translations. These come out various languages, including English, but these are illegal. We reckon, these will be out April 9, 2021.

The official scans of You can read One Piece 1010 official English Chapter on 11 April 2021. A single look at it will tell you that it has better quality and the translation is legitimate.

To read this version, visit Viz Media, Mangaplus websites, or the Shonen jump app. You can read for free over there, and legally!

Black Clover 289 and My Hero Academia 308 will also be published this week on the same date for everyone to read.

One Piece Manga 1010 Spoilers:

As of now, One Piece Chapter 1010 spoilers haven finally been released for everyone to read.

The title of upcoming Chapter 1010 is “Haoshoku”.

This chapter is finally focused on the fight going on the roof. Zoro unleashes his full attack on Kaido named “Asura” and even Kaido is amazed and soon realizes that even Zoro has Conquerors Haki.

Meanwhile, Prometheus is able to escape and easily saves Big Mom from falling in the sea. The attack from Zoro gives damage to Kaido and leaves a scar. This makes Zoro the second person to scar Kaido after Oden.

You can read the full spoilers by clicking the link given above.

One Piece Manga 1010 Spoilers

These are only the early spoilers and the full version will be out soon. Until then, kindly wait for it and keep and keep visiting Recent Highlights.

One Piece Chapter 1010 Predictions And Discussion:

What do you think of the situation downstairs? The Samurai are still battling the Beast Pirates but things are starting to change. Queen’s inhuman treatment of his subordinates led them to jump ship!

Meanwhile, Chopper’s cure has completely defeated the Ice-Virus. Do you think One Piece 1010 spoilers will show some unexpected development over there?

Why did the Scabbards ignore Orochi?

In the latest chapter, Orochi came face to face with the scabbards and wanted to thrash them. However, he is just too weak and useless. The scabbards didn’t even take proper notice of him and sliced down his heads like butter, before moving on.

To the scabbards, Orochi is not someone worth defeating; he is just filth on the road. Instead, their main motives are defeating Kaido, who is the real deal, and protecting Momonosuke, who is the future of Wano!

One Piece 1010 raw scans will probably have the scabbards reach Momonosuke who will be attacked by Kanjuro.

Speaking of Orochi, his powers are a mystery. The Hebi Hebi no Mi: Yamata no Orochi model fruit is a mythical zoan. So far, all we know is that it allows the users to spawn 8 heads and give some more strength. This fruit is the reason Orochi wasn’t killed by Kaido.

We believe Orochi is still alive. He must have some more to offer in this arc. One Piece manga 1010 spoilers might show him rising again and rampaging. This is a mythical zoan, which means it must have great powers. We believe Oda has more to offer via Orochi.

On a separate note, Raizo versus Fukurokujo will probably be a cool fight to watch. We doubt that it will be shown – knowing Oda’s methods, he will probably choose to off screen most of it and show the main result.

What is up with the Supernova?

5 Supernova versus 2 Yonko. This fight is something else entirely – one of the finest we’ve seen in a long, long time. It is very unique and the abilities being shown are amazing.

We saw last to last chapter, the supernovas are struggling against the inhuman strength of the Yonko and yet, Luffy is not even the slightest bit worried.

This chapter, Kaido and Big Mom combined forces to release Ocean Sovereignty! It is a majestic attack of pure physical strength and haki. Its strength was enough to shake Onigashima completely.

We saw its impact to be nearly the size of Onigashima itself. Potentially, it could have wiped out a couple of the supernova in 1 go.

However, Zoro stepped in. With immense dedication, he stood up to the attack and delayed it, only for a moment. Might seem pointless, but his defense allowed extra time for the others to escape.

The other supernova managed to escape and Law teleported Zoro away at the right time. Zoro is barely awake. We expect Zoro to stand up once more in One Piece manga 1010 spoilers, he is not the type to be subdued by injury.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 145 will be releasing its spoilers soon as well, so don’t miss it.

What is happening with Big Mom?

Big Mom combining forces with Kaido is definitely too much for the Supernovas. Being former teammates, they have good coordination! Law proved his limits in this chapter by saying that he can’t teleport one of them away, since the Yonko have immense haki.

And hence, Big Mom was handled very methodically. She has nigh impenetrable skin and physical attacks barely do damage to her. Her 3 companions, Zeus, Napolean and Prometheus make her nearly invincible. Hence, the plan!

Kidd made up a metal box and using Shambles, Law teleported Zeus into the box. Being metal, the box was able to take on Zeus’ lightning. Using Kinemon’s flame cutting, Zoro chopped up Prometheus to little bits. Killer went for Napolean, who is just a sword.

Thus, Big Mom lost her two weapons and her footing. As she crashed on to the ground, Kidd attacked her with metal. They did no physical damage but Kidd could repel the metal, sending Big Mom flying.

Law used Takt to hurl a giant rock at Mom. All of this couldn’t hurt that beastly woman. But what they did, was send her flying from the island. All she can do in One Piece 1010 chapter, is falling down into the ocean!

Will Big Mom have amnesia again?

 Last time Big Mom was hurled into the ocean, she lost her memories and her mind turned into that of a gullible, good natured kid. In fact, she became an ally of the Straw Hats. Now that she is falling again, that might just happen again. However, Mr Morj points out that it is unlikely.

We know that the Big Mom Pirates have climbed up Wano again. They tried to go to Onigashima, only to see it flying away. So, the only option left is to follow the flying island. In One Piece 1010 manga spoilers, when they see Big Mom falling freely from above, they will probably catch her in time!

What is happening to Kaido?

In his hybrid form, Kaido is a lot more cockier. His strength is immense and he keeps unleashing strong attacks. Luffy alone takes the job of fighting Kaido. Its simple for him, he believes that repeated attacks on Kaido with advanced Haki will eventually manage to deal damage.

Immediately after the Ocean Sovereignty, Luffy hurtled forward and attacked Kaido, only for the Yonko to dodge! Luffy realized that his attacks will hurt Kaido and thus, he dodged!

An enraged Kaido retaliated hard and dealt considerable damage to Luffy, even shooting a beam. Luffy only barely managed to dodge. However, his spirit is stronger than ever!

Kaido jumps up in the air and comes crashing down on Luffy using Three Realms: Ragnarok attack. It cleanly hits Luffy. We do not know if Luffy is alright or not.

However, we strongly believe that Luffy will rise in One Piece 1010 spoilers. Immense durability is one of the strong points of Luffy and in this battle, it will definitely be useful.

Going ahead, we believe Luffy and Zoro will take a momentary breather before rising again. They have taken incredible damage and must be allowed some time to recuperate. In this time, Law, Kidd, and Killer get to attack Kaido.

Remember, since Big Mom is absent now, Kaido has to face the 5 supernova alone.

We will share the One Piece raw scans and spoilers in a separate article. So stay tuned and feel free to check our articles on Baki Season 4 and Solo Leveling Anime.

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