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The breaks of One Piece, come at the most agonizing moment, or at least Oda makes it so! The cliffhangers kindle our shonen spirits and boom, a break comes in. Fans are so excited by the latest development in the series that One Piece 1011 spoilers could not arrive any sooner.

Up until now, we have all wondered how Luffy is going to beat two Yonko. Most of us still knew that even with Snakeman, even with Advanced Armament, Luffy still cannot manage to take down Yonkos. Something more, something special was needed all along and now, finally, Luffy has it.

Haki has been a core concept ever since the timeskip. Pre timeskip, Devil fruits used to dominate the power system. But after the timeskip, Haki and fruits have reached somewhat of an equilibrium.

Luffy’s Haki has been polished and reworked for quite a while. When do you think his Devil Fruit will bloom again? The Gomu Gomu no Mi, or Rubber Fruit, is a very exciting part of One Piece.

It seems like we are entering the final phases of the War. One Piece chapter 1011 will probably take us away from the rooftop battle. After all, Luffy himself said that the rest can go downstairs.

So obviously, Oda will save Luffy’s fight for later and show us more of the ongoing battles. We reckon Sanji needs some attention again.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 17 will also be airing soon for everyone to watch.

Read One Piece 1011 Raw Scans

The One Piece scheduled break is due next week. Oda is growing older and hence, needs these regular breaks to maintain proper health. He takes one break every 3 weeks.

The One Piece Chapter 1011 raw scans will be out on April 21, 2021. They will be available first, in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Following the raws, there will be fan translations of various languages. The English fan translations will be out within April 23, 2021. Please keep in mind that these are illegal to read.

The legal and recommended way to read One Piece 1011 is via the websites of Viz Media, Mangaplus or the Shonen Jump app. They will release the official English scans on April 25, 2021. The chapter will remain free for 3 weeks.

My Hero Academia 309 and Black Clover 290 will also be published this week on the Viz website officially for everyone to read online.

One Piece Manga 1011 Spoilers:

Since there will be a break next week, we expect early spoilers, even though there is no guarantee of that. The leaks of One Piece 1011 spoilers will come earliest by 19th but the smart bet says 20 April is the date.

We will do our best to get the spoilers to you on time. Until then, please keep reading content on Recent Highlights and visit us regularly.

One Piece Chapter 1011 Predictions And Discussion:

We expect to see some cool matchups in One Piece 1011 manga spoilers now that the raid is nearing its end, a lot of plot threads have been closed and it is time for a proper combat sequence.

The prime characters are slowly getting their respective matchups. Who do you think will be Sanji’s opponent?

What will happen to Big Mom?

Last chapter, Big Mom was thrown out of Onigashima, owing to Law’s superb plan. Being unable to fly, and having nothing but water below her, she has no choice but to yell for help. We believed that her crew would save her, but that hasn’t been the case.

Zeus being locked up in the box, it was up to Prometheus to save Big Mom. But this piece of flame cloud is being chopped up by Zoro so fast that it can’t regenerate.

However, when Kaido distracted Law and Zoro, Prometheus immediately took Napolean and headed for Big Mom, saving her right before she hit the water.

What’s interesting is that in One Piece 1011 chapter spoilers, Big Mom might do something new. This chapter, Prometheus had a request for her.

We believe it was something like dropping Zeus since Zeus doesn’t have the personality to be a proper tool for Big Mom. So maybe she will make a new homie for herself.

What is the next step for the Supernova?

We don’t think that One Piece 1011 will be a chapter dedicated to the supernova, and will in fact, draw the attention for them. Nevertheless, we can deduce their next moves a bit.

Owing to Kaido’s Raimei Hakke, both Law and Zoro are injured; Zoro more so, because he was already at his limit earlier.

Fortunately, Law is a doctor and might be able to do some work on Zoro, since he wants to keep Zoro alive. Law doesn’t look like it but he prefers to have his teammates alive, than have his plan succeed flawlessly.

Meanwhile, Kidd and Killer will probably deal with Big Mom. We see that Kidd is dragging along with him, enormous amounts to metals, ready to strike the Yonko.

As for Luffy, he has to face Kaido head on in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1011.

What is the role of Conqueror’s Haki here?

In the latest chapter, we saw Zoro bring out Asura. Asura is his strongest move, the best he can offer to his opponent. Up until now, he had managed to cut human Kaido, like the scabbards.

But Hybrid Kaido is several times stronger and tougher. Zoro used all his strength to attack Kaido; turns out, Zoro has Conqueror’s haki, which he himself didn’t know. His attack is going to leave a scar on Kaido, something not characters could no.

Meanwhile Luffy, who was attacked and nearly defeated by Kaido’s Ragnarok move, is up once more. Additionally, Luffy has figured out the extra trick – it is not just Armament haki that he needs to coat himself with – he can use Conqueror’s to fight as well and that is the key to win.

One Piece Manga 1011 might show fully facing off against Kaido. Luffy’s attacks are not even touching Kaido and the damage he dealt looks real for a change. It really seems like Kaido can be dethroned in this arc.

A couple months ago, it was Mr Morj who theorized that Conqueror’s Haki is the key to victory in Wano. He said that Armament is a necessary step to power up, but it is a distraction. This is the arc where Luffy steps from New Generation to Yonko territoty. This long saga must end with Luffy proving his might.

In Wano, the spirit of the captains is being tested. Kaido is the King of all beasts – he makes other captains submit to his will. But Luffy’s spirit can’t be broken.

We believe in the later parts, Luffy will have to struggle a lot, and eventually, he will defeat Kaido – the pinnacle of beasts. This will prove his right to be one of the Yonko of the Sea.

So this is what we have for now regarding the One Piece 1011 raw and spoiler news. We will update this article once we get more information. Read our articles on Redo Of Healer Episode 13 while you wait.

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