River Where The Moon Rises: New Poster is Out


The new historical K-drama River Where The Moon Rises has dropped its new poster. The show’s leads, Kim So-Hyun and Jisoo, look fearless and daunting in the new look of the show. Moreover, the fans are excited that the show is approaching soon. More details regarding the upcoming drama are unveiling, and we are here to drop all the details. From release dates to the teaser to the new poster, we got you covered. So, go ahead and check out the new refreshing poster. “River Where The Moon Rises” is an upcoming South Korean television drama. Yun Sang-ho directs the upcoming drama.

And the script is penned down by Han Ji-Hoon. Sang Ho is known for his works such as Birdie Buddy, Different Dreams, and many more; Ji-Hoon has previously written shows like White Nights, Last, Temptation, Dr. Jin, and the list continue. 

 The upcoming drama follows a love story between Pyeonggang (Kim S0-Hyun) and On Dal (Jisoo). Set in the Goguryeo folklore, it tells the story of love, war, betrayal, and relationships. Pyeonggang is an elite warrior who wants to rule Goguryeo and become the first brave rule. However, to fulfill her goals, she uses On Dal’s feelings. But, already being madly in love with Pyeonggang, On Dal doesn’t care about much.

Historical K-dramas on Netflix

Historical K-dramas are a must. They give an insight into the ancient culture of Korea and introduces us to beautiful locations. Plus, the gorgeous Hanboks always makes us want to experience ancient Korea. Before River Where The Moon Rises arrives, you can watch Hwarang, Kingdom, The tale of Nokdu, and many more. There is a whole bunch of K-dramas available on Netflix. 

Kim So Hyun And Jisoo In River Where The Moon Rises

The new poster was released on January 14, 2021. It showcases both Pyeonggang and On Dal. We see Pyeonggang’s silhouette as she rides on a horse. Whereas, On Dal’s face appears transparently in the clouds above his lover’s figure. The poster reflects Pyeonggang’s strong desire and plans to rule the Goguryeo. And On Dal’s determination to protect and care for his love.

A little description is also mentioned on the poster. It reads, “On Dal, the general who turned love into history. Princess Pyeonggang, whose life in Goguryeo was everything.” Indeed, it is going to be a helluva story about love and war. And we can’t wait to witness it soon.

A representative for the show said that they wanted to convey Pyeonggang and On Dal’s narrative through the poster. He also said that they are looking forward to people come and witness the Goguryeo era where Pyeonggang and On Dal loved.

The show arrives this February following the conclusion of the current on-going drama, ‘Royal Secret Agent.’ It will premiere new episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 KST. The show will originally premiere on KBS2. But, it can also be streamed on the Rakuten Viki streaming site.

You can see the new poster down below:

River Where The Moon Rises
Kim So-Hyun and Jisoo in the new poster of River Where The Moon Rises.

River Where The Moon Rises- Cast

The upcoming drama features some of the most brilliant actors. Leading the show are Kim So-Hyun and Ji Soo. So-Hyun is known for her roles such as Love Alarm, The Tale Of Nokdu, Radio Romance, and others. Whereas Ji Soo is known for shows, like, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, My First First Love, and Doctors. They will play Pyeonggang/ Yeom Ga Jin and On Dal on the show.

River Where The Moon Rises
The main cast of River Where The Moon Rises

The show also stars Lee Ji Hyun (The Legend of The Blue Sea, Band Of sisters) as Go Gun, Choi Yu Hwa (Class of Lies, Suits, Mistress) as Hae Mo Yong. Kang Ha-Neul (The Heirs, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo), Ryo Ui-Hyun (Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life/ Shopaholic Louis), and Kim Hee Jung (Touch Your Heart, Return) will also appear on the show. They will play On Hyeob, Tara San, and Tara Jin, respectively. However, Ha-Neul will only give a guest appearance. But, his involvement in the teaser hints that he is playing an important role in the show.

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