Solo Leveling Chapter 148, 149, 150 Release Date


Jin-Woo’s first fight finally starts in the land of America. Today we share the release date of upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 148,149, and 150.

There was a time when Tower of God, The God of Highschool, Noblesse, and so on boasted around as the most popular webtoons out there. But without a doubt, Solo Leveling is the king of modern times.

There are even talks of a Solo Leveling Anime getting announced soon.

It is the hottest, most discussed and most beloved webtoon out there and fans can’t wait for it to get a proper anime adaptation. It’s a pity that it doesn’t have a proper physical release; because if it did, it’d put up some seriously cool sales numbers.

The original webnovel by Chugong has already been completed and it has had an amazing number of reads. However, it is the webtoon by Jang Sungrak that really put this series in motion!

The stellar artwork, the sharp dialogues, the amazing colors, the skilled paneling and the amazing pace – it is a perfect treat for the fans.

The story follows Sung Jin-Woo – a South Korean hunter. He chances upon a strange power that allows him to level up in real life, just like a game.

With higher levels, he gains more power and better abilities. Jin Woo starts a new phase in life – a journey to knowing his power and explore the system! Strange experiences and amazing adventures await him.

Solo Leveling Release Dates:

Over here, we have accumulated some releases dates. These the release dates of the upcoming chapters of the series, which be cover the month of April.

We request you to take them with a grain of salt, because often times, scheduling changes happen and breaks come out. Of course, we will update the article in those cases.

Solo Leveling gets very fast translations, quite unlike the Japanese manga series. It Korean and English version has only a couple hours of gap between them, and that is quite amazing. The raws come out every week on Wednesday and they’re translated latest by Thursday.

Solo Leveling 148 Release Date:

On 14 April, 2021, the Korean version of Solo Leveling 148 will come out. This is called the raw scan – it will immediately be picked up by fans who will translate and put out an english version for the whole world to read.

However, the English version is not legal. You’ll find it on google. We can’t recommend piracy here. So to everyone who knows Korean, we sincerely request you to read this series legally by going to the official website.

Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Release Date:

The raw scans of Solo Leveling 147 will come out on 7th April 2021. These Korean scans will immediately be translated by fans since there is no official release. The process of the translation does take some time. But this series has very quick translations.

The English version of the chapter will be out either on the same day or the next day. This largely depends on which portion of the world you live in. We suggest you try to read the series legally.

Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Release Date:

Solo Leveling 146 is supposed to be released on 31st March 2021. That is when the raw scans or the Korean version will be out. The English will probably be released in a couple of hours. Depending on your time zone, you will receive it on the same day, on 1st April 2021.

If you know Korean, we highly recommend you to go to the official site and read the series legally.

English readers have no choice but the people who know Korean can benefit the creators by reading it legally. And every series needs support.

Solo Leveling 149 Release Date:

Assuming the schedule is not disturbed, April 21, 2021 and possibly April 22, 2021 will see the release of the Korean and the English versions of Solo Leveling 149. However, the exact date depends on which hemisphere you reside in.

It’s a shame that this series has no official English release. Fans have to read illegally from various sites hosting it. However, for those who know Korean, we have a suggestion. Please visit KakaoPage and the read the series legally.

Solo Leveling 150 Release Date:

28th April, 2021 will see the last chapter of the month, i.e, Solo Leveling 150. Korean scans come out this day and the English version will come out latest by 29th April, 2021. You can read it by searching on google for it.

Solo Leveling, unlike many webtoons, has no official English release. Hence, fans all over the world have no option but pirate the series. Reading illegally is bad for any series out there. Hence, we request Korean readers to visit the official website, read legally and support the creators.

Solo Leveling Ongoing Events:

The International Guild Conference Arc is upon us. It has recently begun and owing from its length in the web novel, we do not expect it to run for long. In fact, 10 to 12 chapters should cover it pretty well, but we can never be sure of Sung Rak’s vision.

In this arc, Sung Jin Woo and Yoo Jin Ho travel to the United States of America to attend the International Guild Conference Arc. They go as representatives of the Ahjin guild, which is their own.

This is the arc where Jin Woo meets Camish and gets to know some fairly interesting things about his powers.

We will update this article once the Solo Leveling Chapter 148 raw scans get released on the web. Till then, browse our manga and anime section.

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