9 Most Powerful and Influential Characters in One Piece

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9 Most Powerful Characters in One Piece!

I’m this article we are going to discuss who has more power or Influence in the one piece world currently now. So, let’s get to the list 9 most powerful characters in one piece.

9. Big News “Morgan”

First of all, who’s is Morgan? All one piece fans heard about him but many of you don’t aware of his identity.

So, who is he?


Morgan is the president of world economic journal news and he is also as known as one of the emperors of the underworld. Since  he is charged in the world economic journal, he has control over the newspaper and information which it gives to people

He is well respected by pirates and world govt. Officials. You can see him in current arc where he broke the news of what happened in Big Mom’s tea party & how Luffy managed to defeat two of Big Mom’s commanders.

In fact, he is one who come up with the idea of Luffy became ‘fifth emperor’ of the sea & also spread the information all over the Grand fleet.

8. Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is a rookie in the new world and yet he is already splashed water in the world  of one piece. In fact, 7 powerful captains are his back and call.


He has allies all over the one piece world. Red hair pirates, Remnant of whiteboard pirates, Kuja pirates (Boa Hancock), Minks, Heart Pirates, Sun pira5 and fish-men. Several countries also his allies- Amavasya kingdom, Dressrosa, Drum Island, Skypiea, water 7 & others.

He befriended princess Shirahoshi, the Poseidon (One of 3 ancient weapons). The kings said their power is Shirahoshi’s power, in other words, it’s Luffy’s power.


The Marines are afraid of the samurai of wano’s strength. Several powerful & Influential people of wano’s already allied with Luffy.

After the whole cake island incident, Luffy’s Influence just skyrocketed. In fact, the world already considers him the fifth emperor.

7. Yonko ( Four Emperors)

Here comes the big names under this ranking- Big Mom, Red Hair Shanks, Kaisi of 100 beats and Teach known as Blackbeard.

The yonko are very powerful pirates. After Gold D. Roger’s death, the world embraced the Yonko system. Monkey D. Garo said that the Marines, Yonko and 7 warlords controls the Grand Line. The Yonko are so powerful that even the Marines don’t mess with them. In fact, in order to prevent Whitbread saving Ace, the Marines had to call all of their high ranking Marines (almost 100k strong soldiers including 3 Admirals).

Their right hand men are strong enough to go toe to toe with any Admiral

The Yonko have their own territories and not even an Admiral can mess with them, they rule like emperors. That’s why people call them Emperors of the Sea.

6. Akainu


Akainu is the Fleet Admiral of Marines. He has authority over the all marine soldiers including 3 Admirals. He also has authority over 7 warlords, he can revoke warlord status anytime he wants.

5. Monkey D. Dragon


Monkey D. Dragon is the most wanted man in the one piece. He is the leader of revolutionary army. The revolutionary army has supporters and soldiers all over the world, so it is likely that they have at least 500k active soldiers.

4. Kong

Kong is the commander in chief of world govt. And his authority is only second to Gorosei.


He has authority over the Marines, Cipher pol, warlord. He is former fleet Admiral.

3. Celestial Dragons

Celestial Dragon (the tenryuubito) are descendants of 19 royal families who settled in Mary Grouse more than 800 year ago.


Any of Celestial  has the authority to summon an Admiral or members of CP0! Except for hurting a fellow celestial dragon, they can get away with anything.

2. Gorosei

Gorosei are the five elders of world govt. They have control over the Marines, Cipher pol, Warlords, Science unit, Impel down prison and police.


While they had a heated debate with fleet Admiral Akainu over Do flamingo, they showed Akainu his place.

When Shanks went to meet them at Mary Geoise, they talked to him casually. It is possible, the Gorosei are even powerful than any of Admirals or Yonko.

1. Imu-Sama

One Piece chapter 908 dropped a huge bomb shell revealing Imu-Sama status. The one piece community went crazy. Some even started speculating that Imu-Sama could be the final villain in the one piece.


Since Imu-Sama’s right eye has similar  concentric circles as Dracule Mihawk & Subidha. Some even theorized that Mihawk could be the descendant of Imu. Some of them think that Imu-Sama is immortal.


Above all, Imu-Sama could be one of the surviving members who fought the ancient kingdom be the void century at least 800 years ago!

Imu has the authority over Gorosei, the head of world govt. Hence, Imu-Sama could be the most influential and powerful character in the One Piece.

So guys this is list of Top 9 Most Powerful and Influential Characters in One Piece, Hope you like this article.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments and don’t for to share this with other One piece fans!



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