True Beauty Episode 15 Release Date and Preview


True Beauty Ep 14 is out. And, we can’t stop ourselves from crying. The recent episode definitely made fans reduce to tears. Moreover, the sadness will continue to take place. Because the trailer for True Beauty Ep 15 does not look good. With Su-ho away from home and friends and a possible time span, we doubt how the story will continue. Will Su-ho and Ju-Kyung be the endgame, or will we have a second season? Honestly, we don’t know. But, we do have some info on True Beauty Ep 15. So scroll down.

The ongoing hit series True Beauty is a South Korean television series. It tells the story of a student, Im Ju-Kyung (Moon Ga Young), who masters the makeup skills to hide her real face and identity. The show is directed by  Kim Sang Hyub (The King in Love, Extraordinary You), whereas Lee Si-Eun (High Kick! 3, Top Star Yoo-Baek) writes it.

K-drama, True Beauty (2020)

The show has almost reached the end. And the fans of the show are not happy about it. Also, the current situation of the story frustrates them more. But, we believe things will get better in the end. As the show is based on a webtoon, we expect it to have the same ending as the original story. What To expect?

True Beauty Episode 15: What To Expect?

The True Beauty fans have not waited for anything else as much as they are waiting for the next episode to come out. And honestly, they have all the right too. Su-ho and Ju-Kyung’s life was finally getting better. But, things again went downhill. Earlier, Ju-Kyung’s bare-faced pictures surfaced online, which made her sad, and now when she finally recovered, her boyfriend broke up with her.

Su-ho has left home, leaving his friends and girlfriend back. Things are also not good between Ju-Kyung and Su-jin, as Su-jin is still mean to her. In short, Ju-Kyung’s life is a mess.

The preview of the new episode is sad yet interesting. It looks like True Beauty is moving forward by 2 years. Yes, a time jump. In the trailer, we see Ju-Kyung living her life in Seoul, whereas Su-ho lives in Japan. Both of them seen empty without each other, as they cry and feel hurt every second.

True Beauty episode 15
A scene from True Beauty Ep 15 preview.

Two years later, Ju-Kyung and others at school are now graduated. And she is now closer to Han Seo-jun, but we know that she still loves Lee Su-ho. However, our bubble of hope breaks when Su-ho returns, and Ju-Kyung tells him that she did not miss him. The story is getting interesting. Moreover, we are eager to know who it will be for Ju-Kyung- Han Seo Jun or Lee Su ho.

True Beauty Episode 15 Release Date

True Beauty Episode 15 will release on February 3, 2021. It will be the second last episode of the series, and we expect it to be large, both storywise and view-wise. The new episode will premiere on the tvN network in South Korea. However, people outside Korea can stream the new episodes on the streaming site, Rakuten Viki.

True beauty has proved to be the biggest show of 2020-2021. Not only South Korea but people in other regions dearly like the show too. It has been a huge hit ever since its release, and we know it will continue to do so. The show has sixteen episodes in total. So, this means it will end soon. Thus, True Beauty will conclude on February 4, 2021.

True Beauty episode 15
True Beauty (2020) cast

As for the cast, Moon Ga-young (Im Ju-Kyung), Cha Eun-Woo (Lee Su-ho), Hwang In-Yeob (Han Seo-jun), and Park Yoo-Na (Kang Su-Jin) play the lead roles in the show.

To know more, stay tuned, and keep reading. And if you liked True Beauty, you will also like Cha Eun Woo’s My Id Is Gangnam Beauty. So, make sure to watch it on Netflix.

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