Wonder Egg Priority Episode 4 Release Date & Preview


Rika finds a girl chased by a monster who comments that he loves young women. She must let him gobble them. Rika replies that he must find a prostitute, and she slays the monster into pieces. The girl thanks Rika for saving her life, and she told them that she is welcome. After saving that girl, she turns into dust and becomes a statue; in the morning, Ai collects another two golden-brown eggs.

Ai passed over by the park and greeted two old geezers who are playing chess. Suddenly, she hears the sound of something falling, and she tries to find out what it is. She finds a girl lying on the ground, saying that her ribs are broken. Ai comments that they should call the doctor and the old geezer said it is none of their business. The girl got up and said she is fine. She comments that the old geezers are boring; they don’t feel sorry for the young ones. 

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 4 Release Date and Recap

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 4 will be airing on Wednesday, 3 February 2021, at 12:00 JST. You can get episodes of this Anime by streaming on AnimeLab and Funimation officially. Find out more about Wonder Egg Priority every Wednesday when a new episode is released. Let us move to other details below. 

Wonder Egg Priority

Previously Wonder Egg Priority Episode 3

The girl reveals her name to Ai that she is Rika Kawaii, and she is the cute one, and Kawaii is for the cute. Ai, asks Rika if she is trying to save a friend just like her, and Rika talks about Ai’s hair color. She told Ai that she forgot her wallet and she can lend her some money. Ai is still surprised, and Rika comments that she did not know that it would cost her money. Ai gave Rika the money she needs, and the old geezers comment that they know she will.


Rika told Ai that she must come to see her again. Later, Ai text Neiru telling her about the eggs she has collected. She asks Neiru if tomorrow will be fine to meet with her, and Neiru agrees. Ai shares her after-noon story with Neiru and how she met with a funny girl named Rika. Neiru asks how it was to meet Rika, and Ai said it was like a one-girl handshake event. Later, Ai is surprised to find Rika in her home.

Ai ask Rika how she gets inside, and Rika said that she followed her yesterday. They both head out to see Neiru; Ai opens the door to Neiru’s room. She finds her with a doctor telling her to take care of her health. Rika greets everyone. She told the doctor that they are too young to take care of their health. The doctor replies that she must not believe in the power of youth. Neiru looks at Rika and realizes that it is the funny girl that Ai told her about.

They both head to Ai’s place and eat fruit salad together, and Ai introduces Rika to Neiru. Rika told Neiru that she must remember her as Kawaii because she is super cute. Neiru realizes that Rika is the time of girls that she cannot stand since she talks too much. Neiru said she wouldn’t remember Rika, and Rika told her about her idol group. She asked her about the idols she knows, and Neiru said she does not know any of them.

Wonder Egg Priority
Wonder Egg Priority

Until Sundown:

Rika said she broke up with them because all of them were too ugly. She asks Neiru to join her and become popular. Rika said that their beauty could change their future, and Neriru said that she is not interested. Ai, ask what about her, and Rika looks at her trying to check how beautiful she is. She comments that Ai has beautiful legs she can become the backup dancer. Ai’s parents notice that she has brought a friend home, and they welcome her.

 Ai’s mother told them that she would be preparing a cake to welcome Rika. Rika does her introduction and says the words she told everyone she met. She told them that she is Rika Kawaii, the super cute one. Rika saw Mr. Sakawi with Ai’s mother. She complements Ai that she has a hot day, and Ai said that it is not her father. When they are inside the room, Rika reveals the truth about her parents. Ai’s mom came and offered them a cake, and they ate it together.

Ai told Rika about her friend that she is trying to save, and Rika told her about Chimie. Rika said that Chimie is just her fan. Later the two went to another world and battle with the monsters. The mission was to protect two friends until sundown. The enemy was too powerful, and it has managed to turn Rika into a statue. Ai is facing the monster to save Rika’s life.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 4 Preview

Today, we have managed to for you all of the above. After the release of this upcoming episode, new updates will hit. Take a looked at the recent development here: Wonder Egg Priority Episode 3.

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