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When it comes to the family drama genre, we usually begin picturing a movie or a show that is all emotional and drama. Something full of painful and heart-wrenching realization where you end up using an entire box of tissue. But just as every medicine isn’t supposed to be bitter, every family drama isn’t supposed to make you cry. And this is beautiful proved to you if you see the trailer of Netflix’s upcoming Family Drama titled ‘Yes Day.’

The trailer of the film was released yesterday, and we can’t help of be all hearts about it. So if you haven’t watched it already, make sure you check out this entire article, for we have got you an in-depth preview!

Promotional poster of the film

As the trailer begins, we’re introduced to Allison Torres, a dotting wife and a mother of three. She believes that there’s one thing where parents and kids always disagree-rules. We then get face to face with Carlos Torres, Mr. Husband, and father of the kids. They are always on the edges as they try to keep their kids away from anything that’s dangerous. Be it an oatmeal volcano or jumping through the roof using bedsheets, they’ve got to say no atleast 50 times a day. But everything is about to change, as Katie Torres, the eldest daughter, has got a plan. She proposes a deal in front of her parents regarding ‘Yes Day’ where they’ve got to say yes to whatever their kids say. When Katie refers to her parents as fun killers and underestimates their power of saying yes to the kids and being fun, they take up the challenge.

The couple, which was once fun and carefree, is ready to relive their early days, which were overshadowed by responsibilities and care after they became parents. Now the rules would be made by their children for the next 24 hours. Will they be able to keep up with it? Well, that’s not an easy task. As the yes day begins the very next morning, the kids are all set. Ellie, the youngest kid, wants to do her mother’s makeup, but with watercolors. It’s a Yes! The kids want the car’s windows down while in a car wash session. It’s a Yes! And then they enter into a great balloon fight. The couple is trying their best not to let their kids down, but Katie feels that there’s no way they can make it throughout the whole day. And to be honest, she isn’t completely wrong.

Carlos Torres and Allison Torres

It gets hard for Carlos to keep up with the day. He doesn’t want to be a hindrance between all the happiness and fun his family is experienced. But he forgets that being together is all that a family needs to find joy. Allison soon realizes that in the whole process of being responsible parents, they’ve skipped the chapters of being close to them. They’ve failed at making them happy. And now she wants to make a difference by means of yes day. Eventually, we see Allison in a totally different avatar. The responsible mommy is ready to fight to win over a stuffed gorilla toy for her children’s sake. While she aims at winning it, she brings the entire store down on the floor and ends up in police custody. But that doesn’t stop her from making it a memorable day. She gets back home and transforms the house into a dreamy place, full of foods, drinks, balloons, foam slides, and everything fun you can imagine.

The Torres Family

Directed by Miguel Arteta, the film is based on Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld’s children’s book that was published under the same name. The film stars Jennifer Garner as Allison Torres, Édgar Ramírez as Carlos Torres, Julian Lerner as Nando Torres, Megan Stott as Layla in lead roles, alongside June Diane Raphael as Aurora Peterson, Fortune Feimster as Jean, Hayden Szeto as Officer Chang, Greg Cromer as Fred Peterson and various other in prominent roles. Yes Day is scheduled to release on Netflix on 12 March 2021. So don’t forget to check it out and watch it with your entire family. Say Yes to Yes Day!

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